Types of setting which provide care and education for children

This must include ONE example from the statutory sector, Vole notary sector and Private sector. Answer El Statutory – Statutory provision Is split Into three different types of mall areas. Social services, education and health services. These services have to be available as it is the e law and all the organizations are set up. For example NASH hospital.

All organizations are r n by the government and are funded by tax- payers and national insurance fees. An example of child care within the statutory sector Is a nursery. They open 7. AMA until 6. Pm. Nursery can either be part of a primary school or it can be attached on the outside ar Statutory nurseries are funded by the government, which the money to do that come through taxes and national Insurance fees. This means it is free of charge to attend.

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I nursery you will find a numerous amount of teachers or teaching assistants, also there is likely to be a speech therapist, inspectors and councilor. Voluntary – A voluntary setting is a setting which the government does not help to finance and people are not necessarily paid. People volunteer to help at a setting but it is not compulsory for children to attend, for example a mother and toddler group does not have to legally in place but people volunteer to help them, normally it is for children from birth to 3 years old.Private – Private settings are comparable to businesses as they aim to make a profit, and are available to those who can afford them. Private settings that receive funds some way by tax-payers have to follow the National Curriculum and the Early-Years- Foundation-Stage (FEES).

AI private settings are legally required to be registered and inspected to ensure all needs of the children are met and they have t follow laws by the government and local authorities. Private settings include; Private