UCSI located nearby UCSI College at Jalan Choo

UCSI Universityprovide Co-operative placement to provide the students opportunities to learnhow to apply what we had learnt in class to the real world. This is differentfrom other part time jobs as they will be taught in more depth and look at therole we play in variety of environments. Throughout this program, we will havebetter understanding on job industry, be able to experiment and determine whichpractice we would like to enter in our future careers. This is myfirst co-operative placement during my first year second semester of my degreein Food Science with Nutrition. Since our first year student was competing withmany other second and third year students for job placements, there are many ofus choose for the position that are not really related to our major. Icompleted my co-operative placement at Gream Studio.

Gream Studio is a daycare and enrichmentcenter for children at the age of 6 to 13. It is located nearby UCSI College atJalan Choo Lip Kung, Taman Taynton View in a normal housing area. It is a housewith two stories and four rooms fitted with air-conditioning. Apart fromdaycare service, Gream Studio provides tuition and other enrichment program aswell such as Little DJ Public Speaking, Junior Journalist, Olympic Math andChinese Drama. This is to discover their talents in different field includingacting, speaking and performance. Here, it is believed that children are borntalented as what they need is a platform and guidance to lead them to movetoward their dream.

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This studio promote fun learning environment for children whomthey will have learn, play and grow with the teacher. Environment is a veryimportant element when it comes to learning. Hence, teachers are required tohelp in provide and maintain a comfortable learning environment for all thechildren. There are approximately 25 to 28 children in the studio.

Most of themare from SJK(C) Taman Connaught and SJK(C) IMBI, and there is small amount ofthem from SJK(C) Kuen Cheng. In GreamStudio, the schedule for the children is divided into two sessions which aremorning and afternoon session in terms of those who are in morning class comefor afternoon session whiles those who are in afternoon class come in themorning. Once the children reached, their school bags will be check for theirhomework in case they did not complete or missed it. After they had done theirhomework, they will be guided to write diary.

Writing diary is a good habitthat should be preserved and their writing skill can be improved along the way.They will be given tuition after they complete their diary and taught regardingtheir school lesson so that they will have a better understanding in class. Lunchis provided in the afternoon and teacher will take them to school. Childrenfrom morning class will be coming in the afternoon. They will take their lunchfirst and shower after a short while.

Meanwhile, teacher will check their bagsfor homework. They will be divided into three classes which are standard oneand standard two, standard three and four, and standard five and six. They dotheir homework at the second floor. I am in charge of guiding standard threeand standard four. I make sure they know how to do their homework andunderstand how is it done. The children will have their tea break at 3:30; theyare allowed to play around until four o’clock. They will be given tuition until6 o’clock. There are five different subjects being taught each day, which areChinese, English, Malay, Science and Mathematics.

I am in chargein guiding standard three and four on their homework. I checked their bags andmake sure they are in the class at 2 o’clock. I teach them whenever they facedproblems on their homework.

Sometimes, I further explain and share some extrainteresting knowledge with them to generate a deeper impression in their mind. Myco-operative placement in Gream studio has taught me that I have to be moreconfident to myself. I found myself lack of confident when I was explaining tothe children and worry that I might be conveying the wrong message andmisleading them.

It is important to ensure that we did give the correctinformation to the children as they will be carrying this information to thefuture. I look online and study book reference to make sure that I did givecorrect knowledge to the children. I acknowledged that we need to be confidentbefore someone else trusts us. In the future, I will grab on the chance when Ican present myself so that I could boost up my confidence. During myco-operative placement, my supervisor bought the children to a science andtechnology fair being held in a mall, I went along with them to the fair. Therewere more than 50 booths and students from different school and universitydisplaying their creative work regarding science and technology.

There were candidatesfrom secondary school and university taking part in the fair. The fair not justinclude simple science for kids but they divided it into chemistry, biology andphysics. These gave the children an extra knowledge that science can be dividedinto many categories but not just under one which is science. There were boothsshowing the model they did themselves and some interesting experiment. Thecandidates explained the theory behind the experiment to the children.

Apartfrom that, they apply the experiment on mini games so that the children areable to understand the concept behind easier. I can see that the children arereally willing to learn and know something more. They asked questions and payattention while listening to the explanation. The fair has proven that it isvery effective for children to learn by fun, the children is curious all thetime, sometime they could not take too much of information at once, we have tofigure out how to convey the information in a right way so that they are ableto understand. Furthermore, the fair provided the candidates an opportunity topresent their work. I can see those candidates that are from secondary schoolpresent their work to the public. Even though they are younger than I am, theyare able to present well, they explain clearly and patiently to the public.

Throughoutthis fair, I had learnt that there are many ways for us to explain a sciencetheory and also there are still many things waiting for us to explore in thefuture. We must learn new things from time to time and make sure our knowledge isupdated. Apart fromthat, I arranged a series of experiment for my supervisor regarding the holidaycamp that she is going to held on March, June and September. I visited manydifferent website and study book references to ensure the experiment isworkable and suitable for children. I collate all the information and wrote outa complete manual for all of the experiments.

I made the flow regarding thecamp as well. It is a holiday camp with detective theme. I discussed and designa storyline with the help of my friend. The participants will be asked to findout the criminal by analyzed the evidence being found in the crime scene. Besides,I discussed with my supervisor to make sure she agree with my work. She pointedout some of the mistakes that I made. She explains to me about what should bedone and why should it be done to correct my mistakes. My supervisor is acompetent teacher, she teaches certain subject such as Chinese and Science allby herself although she is always busy since it is only first year she startedto do daycare.

Before this, Gream studio mainly promote enrichment program asstated in the beginning. She was a teacher in school, before this, she was amanager and been in human resource department for more than 30 years. She isgood in managing and communicating with people. She is very concern about thechildren and treats them as her child.

She is a role model of us in GreamStudio. Teacher like her earn children appreciation and improve their qualitythrough her deep reservoirs of knowledge and compassion. The children obey andrespect her, she maintain a good relationship with parents as well. Parents andteachers should work together to make sure the children did have improvement ontheir academic. It is because of her that I am able to learn as much aspossible for the sake of me current and future career. Throughout this, I learnedthe process to hold a holiday camp; I see the steps taken behind a successfulholiday camp. In addition tothe skills I developed through the co-operative placement, I have been given anopportunity to work in a fair that organized by a swimming center for one weekin December. There were trainers that won swimming prizes and with certificatethat being certified from United Kingdom, and other colleague with excellentpromoting skill.

They are able to introduce their service and product fluently andmade the customer interested in their product. I have learned a lot from them,such as what to do in certain situations and how to deal with tough questions. Besides,they taught me that that we have to know our product well and think from thecustomer perspective of view. This made us know what the requirement of thecustomer is and know how we should answer the questions they are going to ask. Withoutthis experience, I would not know what the process is taken to run a fair,assisting in setting up the booth and promote the product.

I feel grateful andappreciate this opportunity that I have.From myco-operative placement, I realized that communication is a key aspect of beinga teacher. This co-operation work experience has contributed to myunderstanding of the importance of communication in everyday practice. Ateacher needs to acknowledge what information and language is more suitable forchildren. There are children at different ages.

I learnt how to communicatewith them so that they understand and follow my instruction. Children withdifferent ages have different thought; I listen to them and think of the mostsuitable respond should be done. Throughout my working experience, I haveimproved my ability to listen to children. Besides, I get some clues of whatare children thinking from their body language and those unspoken words. I havelearned some communication tips to use whenever I am dealing with difficultchildren.

There has to be a different way to communicate with each child,sometime, it is not what we say that matter, it’s how we say it that reallymatter to the child. We might be telling the same matter, but the way we sayour words mean differently to children and they can feel it. They might not matureenough but they are smart. Hence, it is necessary to find out the best way totreat with different children. Apart from communication between children, Irealized the importance of communication between colleagues as well. Effectivecommunication between colleagues could increase the productivity and ensure theoperation run smoothly.

Effective communication plays a crucial role indeveloping a long lasting motivation. Relationships can be improved througheffective communication thus create a harmony workplace and healthy workenvironment. With effective communication, we are able to perform our dutiesefficiently with a positive attitude. In addition tothe things that I learned from co-operative placement is acceptingresponsibility.

While dealing with children, I need to know how involved Ishould be in helping those children to meet their commitments and completetasks. Sometime, I helped too much for not wanting them to fail. I realizedwhen this happened; the children will not learn to take on the responsibilityby themselves. However, there are still some children whom do need guidance orsupport so that they can learn how to be responsible.

In this case, I have tofind the balance between ‘over-managing’ and ‘under-parenting’ and know how tomake decision when regarding when is it appropriate to step in and when is iteffective to let go so that the child has space to do things in their own way.This will depend on the child’s maturity, past behavior or knowledge that isbeing taught. In short, we train children responsibility by allowing them to dothings in their own way since everyone has different thought somehow. This willencourage a feeling of pride in accomplishment and foster the sense of responsibilityin them.The future ofeducation is dependent on the quality of the next generations of educators.Though co-operative placement is not the only way on improving the quality ofpractice of future teacher, they can be counted as a step in the rightdirection, providing students with a better understanding of outside world.