Under Armour

Individual Project Summary of under Armor According to Yahoo finance, under Armor, Inc.

Engages In the design, development, marketing, and distribution of apparel, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and youth worldwide. The company offers its apparel in three fit types compression, fitted, and loose that are designed to be worn in hot, cold, and changing temperatures. Its footwear products include football, baseball, lacrosse, softball and soccer cleats, as well as slides, performance training footwear, running footwear, basketball footwear, and hunting tots for athletes.The company’s accessories comprise baseball batting, football, golf, and running gloves and licensees offer socks, team uniforms, baby and kids apparel, aware, and custom-molded mouth guards, as well as hats and bags. Under Armor. Inc.

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Sells its products primarily under the AU and brands through wholesale channels, which include independent and specialty retailers, institutional athletic departments, leagues and teams, national and regional sporting goods chains, and department store chains independent distributors and directly to nonusers through its own specialty and factory house stores, and Website.The company was founded In 1996 and is headquartered In Baltimore, Maryland. Marketing can make or break a company. When marketing for a company knowing every aspect of a company is necessary in order to make a Marketing plan. A good way in finding out crucial aspects of a company is to take a look at a companies Income statement and Balance sheet.

This is mandatory when coming up with a Marketing plan. The Income statement is important because it provides information about how well a company is doing.Key components found In an Income statement are net sales, the costs of goods sold, the costs of Inventory, and expenses.

Basically It tells you whether or not a company Is making a profit or is loosing money. The Balance Sheet is important because it list all the assets and liabilities. Assets that appear on a balance sheet are cash on hand, accounts receivable, and supplies. Liabilities that appear on a balance sheet are accounts payable, loan amounts payable, and your equity investments. A Balance sheet tells more about the activity that goes on with your company.The Income statements tells the marketer if the company Is making profit and were they need to Improve on In Marketing. The Balance Sheet lets you know how much money you have to spend on Marketing.

So, the two important things that these financial statements provide a marketer is it helps the marketer understand profitability and it tells the marketer whether or not the advertising is working. When it comes to buying a company the Income statement and Balance sheet are truly important to dissect because It helps determine whether or not a company is viable.There are other things you must address but when It comes to looking at companies financial there are four mall things to look at when buying a business. They are Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Inventory turnover, and days in Accounts receivable. Current Ratio is your current assets divided by your current liabilities.

For small to medium sized companies you want to have xx the assets over liabilities. For bigger size Companies you want to have xx the assets over liabilities. Current Ratio for under Armor 919,210/282,778 3.

25(excellent current Orator) Quickly Ratio Is cans plus receivables leave Day current Liabilities.