Under the Hawthorn tree

Nowadays, while film producers tend to make films about loves relating to materialism, pure loves obviously become rarer and more appreciated than ever before. Under the Hawthorn Tree, the latest work by director Ghana Yummy based on the same- named novel of Ai MI, brings about a belief of a pure and mingled love, even though it is set in dying days of Chinese Cultural Revolution. The film beautifully tells the story of a high- school student, Jigging who has a troubled family background: her father languishes in a labor camp and her mother is fearful that NY transgression will bring further disaster.She is one of many educated urban youth sent to the countryside to be “re-educated” under a dictate from Chairman Mao. When she arrives with a group at Gaping village in the Yanking River’s Three Gorges region, where there is a hawthorn tree regarded as ‘hero tree’, she meets a charming geology student Sun, who is the son of a high-ranking military officer.

Jinn is the most beautiful, innocent young woman Sun has ever seen, and Jinn, emotionally and vulnerably, is amazed by him. What follows is inevitable. They fall separately in love despite their disparate social backgrounds and a political atmosphere that forbids the relationship.

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Unfortunately, their budding romance is cut shot by fate that is Sun’s deadly disaster- leukemia. I found the plot Is simple without dramatics and tremendous upheavals, but it is truly a tear- Jerker telling a sensitive, heartfelt and searing love story. The purity of Under the Hawthorn Tree Is shown in every moment of the film, from gentle make up and clothes to the moment two main characters holding hand the first time, the rustic way they express their are to each other. I cannot stop crying when seeing the scene In which after a long time Jinn meet Sun again at the last minutes of his life.Sun cannot wait for Jinn for one year and one month or until Jinn Is 25 as he promised, but he has waited for Jinn his whole life. This love story Is acted out by a competent cast, at times playful, at times emotional, but never too overtly sentimental. Chou Dungy as Jinn Is brilliant as the young and Inexperienced Jigging and Duo Ixia as Sun Is utterly charming as the male love Interest.

With Under the Hawthorn Tree, director Ghana has made a nuance picture that Is not only memorable for the star performance by Chou, but also admirable for the film’s artful stoically.While film- goers will undoubtedly love the film, those who have read the novel may feel a little bit disappointed because the film cannot portrayed all the rich details and events In the novel. However, both the novel and the film fully convince me.

If you Like touching and moving love stories, then this film Is for you. If you have an Interest In Chinese history, then this film Is also for you. I would definitely recommend watching this movie or getting a copy of this novel as soon as possible.