Underperformance process of setting individuals objectives and they

can have several meanings but in this report, it means the employee is not
committed into his job and his results are not sufficient or satisfactory for
the company (Kotola, 2016). Underperformance can damage a business (Philips,
ND). The employee’s performance is connected to his motivation and level of
involvement. A manager can identify underperformance in a hotel when there is a
decrease in the quality of service, high turnovers, absenteeism, resignations
and low productivity. In order to fix that, leaders must have objectives, values
and communicative vision.

appraisals are used each year to see the progress made by the employee and to
set new goals for the next months together. Managers are responsible for underperforming employees.
They have to give feedbacks regurlarly and also anticipate which employee is
not motivated and doesn’t perform well. 
The employees represent the company and the establishment is doing
business through them and their work. Involving the employee in the
setting of new goals is better because of the employee’s career plan. They are therefore a key element in the company’s
success and a company should capitalize on that and find solutions to why
employees are underperforming and how to fix it.

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Landmark uses softwares to determine which employee is underperforming and they
send them to trainings. They also demands to their managers to have a more
open-communication and to give clearer instructions. The leaders include the
employee in the process of setting individuals objectives and they tried to
anticipate problems. (250)


Identify and manage conflict sensitevely but firmly

            A conflict is a miscommunication
between two people regarding the day to day business within the parameters of
the procedures and the policies of the company. There can be several factors of
why a conflict exists. Indeed, it can be due to a lack of communication, poor
working conditions, lack of planning and motivation or just bad managers (they
need training in that case) which leads to underperformance and turnovers
(Rahim, 2005). Moreover, having a conflict in a company affects the business,
the brand image, the reputation and creates a bad working atmosphere.

have to find the source of the problem, know the people involved and have a
global vision of the situation to better understand the why and how. They will
also have to understand the consequences it will be having for the company
before trying to find a solution. They act like mediators and do their best to
valorize the team spirit and cohesion. If the manager cannot handle it, a
mediator from outside the company can be called in order to bring his external
vision and fresh eyes on the matter. However, a solution is not always found
and the use of a mediator costs money.

sensitivity can be a reason of conflict. Cultural sensitivity is the fact to be
aware of others practices and cultures (Vogt, 2017). Staff need to develop
skills and abilities in order to evaluate the cultural differences of their
co-workers because their cultures can affect work and how they behave in the
workplace. For example, Spanish people are well
known to begin their work late and to have a lunch break around 2-2:30pm. If
you are a foreigner joining a Spanish company or even a multinational company
in Spain, that’s how they live and it’s better to get used to it.

Landmark hotel uses first internal solution to resolve a conflict. First, they
investigate on why and how the problem is here and then do a phase of research among
the others members of the team. Otherwise, if it doesn’t work out, they bring a
mediator on board.(349)












LO 3: Developing human
resources policies in the tourism and hospitality industry

Develop HR strategy and systems to implement policies that are consistent with
operational priorities, objectives and values

The HR department has to be a pillar for employees in
terms of safety and care. HR policies have to be agreed by the CEO of the
organization. These policies have to be written in accordance with the working
laws of the country in which the organization operates. For example, an
organization operating in UK and in France needs to respect the laws according
to Hospitality and Catering establishments, which are not the same in each

order to put a strategy in place, an organization has to know what objectives
they want to satisfy, where they want to go, how to satisfy the needs and do
they have enough resources to do it. HR department helps the strategy
implementation of the company. The HR strategy and the company’s needs have to
be the same. Sometimes, the HR department need to recruit some new people in
order for them to achieve their goals and objectives (Figure 2, Appendix 3).

strategic human resources plan can be used to manage the HR department
strategically. This plan relies on 4 steps: assessing the current HR capacity
with personal appraisal, forecasting HR requirement with knowing if the
organization needs more staff and the skills required, gap analysis between the
organization now and where it supposed to be in the future and developing HR
strategies to support organizational strategies (hrcouncil.ca). (226)


Manage HR processes in accordance with organisational policy

The HR processes are managed and controled by HR head
manager. He has to deal with the interviews of new candidates. Indeed, when
someone apply for a vacancy, the first interview in a company is with him. If
it is successful, the candidate will have another interview with his future
manager and with another person of executive management. The candidate will be
chosen only if the 3 people within the company agree that he is suitable for
the job. When the candidate enters the company, he has to gone through a probationary
period in order for him to be consider a hotel employee. The Landmark London
uses this processus, which guarantees them a good quality of employees.

and procedures provide a guideline in any case of conflicts, grievances or
complaints which are present in the industry. An employee can complaint to any
level of hierarchy even the government. All of the procedures have to be
written in the Rules of Procedures of the hotel, and known by the employees for
them to be aware of their rights (Hesse, 2016). Moreover, conflicts between
employees are common. HR department plays an important part, like a mediator,
to find an agreement between employees agreed by both of them. (206)


Deploy human resources in order to optimise business performance, individual
staff satisfaction and retention

In order to optimize business performance, the HR
strategy has to be implemented in the right way. Indeed, putting an employee at
a wrong place can cost money the company can’t afford to lose. The HR manager needs
to be aware of the managers demands in order to match their expectations as
well as the organization’s ones. By doing so, the managers will help the HR
department to be more precise in their search of new talents (CAHRS, 2011).

to SHRM’s research report, a big part of employees consider that their
relationship with their manager is important in their job satisfaction. There
are several ways of contributing to staff’s satisfaction like the rewards and
benefits (Appendix 4 & 5), a security in their job, promotions
opportunities and recognition. Job satisfaction is one of the keys in job

someone in an organization is expensive. Indeed, it costs nearly 3 times an
employee’s salary just to recruit, train and of course the lost of productivity
during that time (Yazinski, 2009). Moreover, recruiting and searching new
talents takes time to HR department and instead of taking care of the staff
they have, they focus on having new employees which can be confusing for the
staff already present. Managers need to add motivation practices in their
corporate culture. Staff will be more willingly enclined to stay if they feel
valued and appreciated, trusted by their leaders, feedbacks are done and of
course if opportunities are provided. Human resources managers have to be able
to put the right resource at the right place at the right time to achieve the
organization’s objectives. (266)


Evaluate the effectiveness of HR policies and processes and recommend

Policies are present to make sure employees behave
profesionnally. By implementing these procedures and policies, the organization
avoids any major problems with guests in case of a complaint describing the
comportment of an employee. The organization can make decisions knowing that
and the fact that they have policies and all employee are aware about that (see
3.2). It is question of keeping a good image and reputation. Bad publicity is
made really fast these days with the social medias and the Internet.

main concern is to execute policies and regulations. It has to be done within
the organization’s missions and vision. In order to develop and implement
effective policies, companies have to do a SWOT analysis (Strengths,
Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). This will give more elements to HR to
have procedures more adequate to the key forces of the company and objectives
(Duggan, 2017).

organization needs to evaluate its HR policies regurlarly to improve their
effectiveness if needed. Evaluating performance is a good way to know the
improvement needed. The Landmark London organize each year formal meetings between
managers to exchange about the employees and their feelings about them and if a
evolution within the company is encouraged this year or later. (204)


















This report has exposed several aspects of the HR
department and its works in a global way but also with a specific view with the
Landmark London resources. Indeed, those researchs have enlightened the fact
that HR is priormadial in any organization because of the work they do and
nothing will replace that in the future. Procedures and policies can be automatized
but interacting with staff members requires emotions, feelings, learning,
exchanges, laughs, tears and only managers, leaders and HR department can
provide those.

employees is present in any organization but it’s necessary to make the business
growing. There are different ways of doing it as seen in this report. Training
also brings another perspective to the team. It makes people closer, more
willingly to come to work (linked with the job satisfaction), more effective
and/or efficient (business performance improved), more skilled and gives
employees opportunities of career evolution. Leading wouldn’t be complete without
feedbacks done to the workers. Trainig is based upon their appraisal and it’s
necessary to see the evolution of the employee between before training and
after. Trained employees is one the Landmark London’s top priorities to deliver
a service according to their guests expectations.

conclude, Human Resources has to take a huge part in the organization’s
strategy development. First of all, the company has to align HR with strategy
and to recognize the department as a big asset in the development and the
prosperity of the business. (Righeimer, ND). Secondly, the HR system needs to
be created in alignment with the organization’s strategy. To ensure employee
are focused, there is several options such as training, rewards and appraisal
evaluation. HR is a key department in an organization and can’t be neglected.
Otherwise, the turnover will increase and the motivation of the employee will
decrease and the business activities will go down. (307)