Undocumented opportunities in this country to have a

Undocumented Students Undocumentation, over the past few years has been an a huge issue that affects millions of people in America. Undocumented students are constantly growing in the United States. Students who are undocumented have less opportunities in this country to have a brighter future than kids who are not undocumented. Although everyone should deserve the same education and same opportunities, undocumented student are seen as people who don’t deserve much. Nowadays, the government has made it difficult to give undocumented students papers. There has always been a struggle with the students, schools, communities, and our government. After graduating high school they face the two most common difficulties as undocumented students which are legal issues and financial struggles to enjoy higher education. This paper will address the awareness and importance of this growing community and discuss the aspects that corresponds to it. The term “undocumented students” is given to the children of foreign nationals who entered the United States legally with their families, but don’t have any paperwork of authorization. Some people have crossed the border illegally as a child with their parents at a very young age, some as newborns. These children have lived more years in the U.S. than their own birth countries, and have attended K-12, and are high school graduates, some even college graduates. After graduating high schools most of these students are not able to continue toward building and earning their higher education as they would please. Without a higher education people are unable to make a living, undocumented student and their families suffer from making a living because of the fear that they don’t have opportunities. The usual three main obstacles are (tuition, acceptance, and financial aid). Depending on what state they live in, there are laws that prevent undocumented students from pursuing their higher education. But on the other hand some schools make the effort to protect their students no matter what their status is. Unfortunately, undocumented students are not receiving the help they need most of them are getting sent back to their country because they don’t have papers. In the state of Virginia when applying to school, a student must show legal citizenship . The second obstacle is paying for school since they are not granted residence status. According to UCSC, the cost to attend higher education will range from $15,000- $40,000 . Keeping in mind the third obstacle which not being able to qualify for financial aid can be the breaking point for a lot of students not just undocumented students. The state of Arizona issued a state law that enables police officers to act as immigration officers. This underestimates powers given to the police, it will cause problems, and sensitivities to all the legal and illegal immigrants. Undocumented students living in Arizona will be in a constant fear of being deported. Minor issues such as calling the police for help can put their lives in the danger of deportation. If the government doesn’t stop this act, Arizona will impose unfair laws for education toward undocumented students. This will cause trouble, and taking away the American Dream.The Dream Act, the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act is a bipartisan legislation issued by Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Richard Durbin. Within the 6 years the student must be able to obtain a degree from a four year university. After the 6 years passes the conditional status becomes a legal American citizen. The following is the detailed qualification process obtained from the official website of the dream act: Must have entered the United States before the age of 16 (15 and younger), must have been present in the United States for at least five (5) consecutive years prior to enactment of the bill, must have graduated from a United States high school, or have obtained a GED, or have been accepted into an institution of higher education, must be between the ages of 12 and 35, must have good moral character. Many people are making the Dream Act harder to pass. The biggest help line it offered is to achieve the AB 540 which allows students in 10 states to pay in state tuition fees rather than international. Some schools are trying their best to help undocumented students out but every year it keeps getting difficult.  Undocumentation has an impact in my life because many people in my life today are undocumented and the same thing that is happening to other people can happen to them. Seeing people get undocumented affects me in a negative way because they are my people and each day I wonder what if it were me going through that. My parents migrated to this country to have a better future for my sibling and I but each day I feel like I might be the next one getting deported with my family. Nowadays it has an impact in my community because our president is trying to deport everyone who is undocumented. Undocumented students are not safe anywhere because at any time they can come to schools and deport them. In Oakland, I have witness many times where people are being deported. The Fruitvale community in Oakland is populated with many immigrants who are trying their best to make a living but each year it keeps getting harder and harder because the jobs that pay well are asking for papers. In many communities deportation has been a huge issue. Undocumented student in my communities are struggling to pay for their basic needs. Communities have struggle to keep their people same from being deported. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any real support for these students in the U.S., the majority of them are dropping out of high school to join gangs, or work for minimum wage. Many undocumented students are trying to balance going to work and school to help and support their families. Their dreams and hopes are all evaporated by the constant stress, and worry that they are not able to do anything about their future, even after post graduation. Many of these students who earn degrees in Engineering, and other well profound education are working at low income jobs. The answer for this outrage is to pass the Dream Act and to make it into a reality. How our new government is set up its getting difficult to help undocumented student go to school and receive an education. The support system for undocumented students has not been well in the past few years.