Unfortunately, run though it might be seen as

Unfortunately, conflict is an inevitable part of our life in almost all spheres as long as people are involved. So surely it is a part of family relations, daily social interactions, business environments, politics, governments and international relations. Consequently, it is not a surprise that almost every individual needs to possess skills to overcome conflicts to a certain extent, depending on circumstances and their changing roles throughout their lives.

Sweeping problematic issues under the rug or alienating potentially problematic entities or ideas and beliefs don’t really resolve the issues in a long run though it might be seen as a method applied by many so-called leaders. Depending on circumstances, definitely there are set of diverse skills, traits and qualities a leader needs to develop such as communication, organization, self-motivation, delegation as well as efficiency, dignity, integrity, commitment, optimism, decisiveness and so onBut when it comes to dealing with the conflict situations the methods of approach and their implementations to resolve the issues is a completely different case.  Having the above-mentioned attributes is not enough by itself.Labeling any groups within a society or individual members in a community or allowing them to be labeled in any way especially according to religious believes, race, ethnicity, political opinions or genders will only alienate them and perpetuate irreversible divisions and separations.So the methods identified by scientific accumulation in social studies need to be thoroughly understood which to my theoretical knowledge includes competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding and accommodating.As I have mentioned in my response to other question, coming from a single parent family, raised by my mother, having to work and pursue a bachelor’s degree simultaneously, I believe that I have grown to be a persevering young woman. One thing I have surely learned is that to handle the conflicts professionally and productively for the ultimate desired goal there is no single method as all above-mentioned methods need to be implemented depending on a case.

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In general, when personalities clash or there is a strife which is the most basic building block of most disagreements, one has to listen to the other. This what I always do because at a very basic step lack of dialogue leads to lack of knowledge. People innately fear what they don’t know which leads to enmity and conflicts. We need to create a platform where the various cultures of values are shared and understood as much as possible. I hope and assume the Summer Program you offer will be serving this purpose. Leaders need to find common grounds among the disputing parties, developing mutual understanding within the boundaries of respect and try rebuild eroding relations on universal values.