Unit the meeting I kept eye contact with

Unit 6 merit task verbal and nonverbal communication.Strength.In the meeting I kept eye contact with the person speaking as that shows a sign of respect.By listenings to everyone’s ideas and also by not going on my phone during anyone speaking showed appreciation to the person speaking.At my turn I tried to present  my ideas well.I contributed to my groups ideas and tried to help as much as I can in example I decide to make the rules, my enterprise idea and the After my mess up I calmed down and started to get a bit more involved in example I asked questions to the winning group as we had to decide how we were going to run the business.These questions contributed towards the business plan and how we’re going to run the eventsIn the meeting I decided we should make a plan as we wanted to know how we were going to fit all the events in a school day. By doing that it showed a bit of leadership as no one was able to come up with something to discuss. This benefited the meeting as we were not discussing anything. WeaknessI was moving around with my chair as I was talking about my idea that showed a lack of confidence on what I was speaking about.This could have created a effect of people becoming                             nervous during the meeting as I was.My presentation could have been hard to understand as I was rambling about and not talking in  a slow pace.I could have written notes as from other teams and their ideas.That can cause a bit of trouble if we had a new meeting on finalising the plan and the event. I was a bit unprepared in the meeting,as I did not learn my points before it and used my phone that could have been a major distraction to the other people in the meeting. My voice was not clear  and it was in  a fast pace, when I was presenting my idea that could have caused an impression of lack of confidence and nervousness. Recommendations for improvement. Be more confident next time I present my idea.Don’t look on my phone to read out my points as that caused everyone to do it as well and was a major distraction. Take an onsite course to become more confident in speaking in a meeting.For my non verbal skills I will focus on eye contact and listen attentively.