United States and U.S. Foreign Policy

The article is a plea from the parents of 91 1 victim Gregory Rodriguez to the government not to go to war to avenge their son. . Respond to the Rodriguez family by writing a 1. 5-2 page letter supporting or disagreeing with their position based on facts from reliable sources. 3. The letter must include: 1-2 pages of text In Times-Roman 12 font, I-Inch margins, double-spaced. Proper letter format. At least 3 verifiable facts about world politics, or U. S. Foreign policy. Bibliography with at least three sources. OPTION #2 1.

Choose a major US diplomatic crisis to review. After some research, write a 2-page on the crawls. Focus on how the LIST. State Department worked to diffuse the crawls_ 2. Possible examples of crises to be reported on include: Iran-Hostage Crisis, 1979 Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982. Weeklies crisis, 2010. Ax Murder Incident, Korean Demoralized Zone, 1976. U. S. S. Pueblo Incident, 1968. Berlin Blockade, OPTION #3 The U. S. State Department issues travel advisories and prevent U. S. Citizens from entering certain countries. Start your research at the State Department website. * 1. Create a Powering presentation answering the question: What countries are U. S. Citizens not allowed to volts and why? 2. Discuss the diplomatic history of the U. S. With these countries and create a Powering presentation that: Includes at least ten elides. Contains historical facts about the countries citizens are not allowed to visit. Describes at least three reasons we are not allowed to visit these countries. Includes a bibliography with at least three sources using MEAL format.

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Write a 2-page research paper on the history of the Marine Corps Embassy Guard. Include: When they started guarding U. S. Embassies. Their daily duties at the embassy. Situations where the embassy guards had to protect U. S. Embassies from attack. How the Marines select their embassy guards. *Include a bibliography with at least three sources. OPTION #5 1. Investigate two U. S. Secretaries of State in our history. 2. In a 2-page essay, compare and contrast the two individuals. Include the following: Their early lives and childhood.

Where and how they were educated. Personal characteristics that qualified them for the Job. International problems and crises that they had to deal with during their tenure. OPTION 1. Create a detailed map or diagram off U. S. Embassy that came under attack. *Do not simply print out or copy a map or diagram from a book or website. * 2. Use the map or diagram to record a presentation of what happened and how the U. S. Ended the crisis or attack. Presentation should be 5-10 minutes. 3. Post the presentation onto Youth. Mark it as UNLISTED. 4.

Copy the link to the Youth video into a Word document that also includes a bibliography with at least three sources, and then upload that document into the drop box. 1 . Write and perform a song about U. S. Foreign interventions throughout our history. 2. The song should include: Why we are involved/support/intervene with other countries. At least 3 countries to which we have been involved/supported/intervened. 3. Submit the written lyrics, bibliography with at least three sources, and a recording of the song into the drop box. The recording can be done on Youth with the link copied into the document with the lyrics.

Paint or draw an original picture entitled “U. S. Foreign Policy. ” It should NOT be computer-generated or use computer generated images. This is NOT a collage. 2. The picture should: Illustrate at least three general characteristics/components about our foreign policy. Illustrate at least three specific characteristics/components regarding our foreign policy. 3. Include a paragraph of 5-7 sentences explaining how your artwork illustrates these characteristics/components. 4. Scan the drawing and upload it into drawing to me. OPTION #9 1.

Get together with some friends (or fellow students) and reenact one of the most serious diplomatic crises in our history (such as the Cuban Missile Crisis) and film your reenactment to post on Youth. 2. The reenactment should: Involve the Secretary of State, President and any diplomatic or military officials who were connected to the event. Have a significant dialogue between the actors that illustrates the nature of that particular crisis. 3. You can record the video on Youth. Mark Youth video as Submit the written transcript.