Unproted Jeannette

Unprotected Jennet People are often unprotected when they face a financial dilemma. Some people choose to deal with their dilemma rather than working to solve the dilemma. In Jennets Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle, Jennet is unprotected because of her parents, environment, situations, and the conflicts that she is involved in. She is never safe; her life is full of dangers. She is unable to protect herself. Jennet is unable to protect herself from hearing the curses that her father says.

As a little girl, she hears her parents screaming, While her family does not have a house to live In, ND they have to stay at her grandmother’s house, Jennet’s grandmother and her father are fighting: “You flea-bitten drunk! You goddamned flint-faced hag! You no- good two-bit bud-sucking bastard! You scaly castrating banshee pitch” (Walls 20). These are strong words that she hears, and she can not protect herself against hearing these words. These words have negative effects on her because she is too young to learn these curses.

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She can start to think about the curses and the meanings of them which Is harmful to use.When Jennet’s family Is Miming In the desert, she is forced to drink the unverified water that her parents drink. Her mother explains to her the water that they are drinking is going to help them build their “antibodies. ” Her parents are fooling her.

She is not safe because the water that is not chlorinated can make her sick. She is walking barefoot on the sands in the desert. If a sharp object cuts her foot, the parents are not going to take care of her.

She can die In a desert If a storm starts. Her safety Is not guaranteed In the desert. Jennet’s father, who Is an alcoholic, can get drunk and beat up Jennet or the mother.Although he never beats up Jennet in the memoir, he has negative effects n Jennet’s mind because Jennet says, “Dad turned into an angry-eyed stranger who threw around furniture and threatened to beat up Mom or anyone else who got in his way” (23). So, if Jeannine gets in his way, he beats her up. She can get serious injuries from her own father.

She Is not protected when her dad forces her to learn to use fire and a knife. The reader realizes how unprotected she Is when she gets burned In the fire. Another example that proves the unsafely of Jennet is when the door of the car gets opened and she rolls out of the car.This scene is important. When she rolls out of the car while the car is moving, her parents do not realize that she is missing.

Parents are the ones who are in charge of the safety of their children. The right of safety is being taken away from her by the parents. When she rolls out of the car, she Is In danger of dying. Because she ends up being safe after rolling out of the car, the reader might think that she Is safe overall. However, she Is not safe since her parents did not think of that accident as a big deal, so it can happen to her again.

Clearly, the car that Jeannine rolls out of it is not a safe car.Another reason that proves unsafely of Jeannine is that her family does not have a permanent home, and they are always moving around. Their new environment is creating dangerous situations for her, and it has negative effects on her. For example, when they move to the dad’s mother’s house, Arm says to Jennet: “Beggars can’t be choosers” (132).

Arm uses strong words to speak to Jennet won Is a very young gal. at Tanat moment. Jennet is verbally attacked. Being verbally attacked is not any better than being physically injured. Jennet is emotionally hurt. Jennet does not answer re back since she is unprotected.Her parents are not standing up to Arm for treating their daughter the wrong way.

Jennet is not protected at school either. One of the teachers hurts her. The teacher does not respect her opinion when she speaks in class. The teacher says, “l see our new student doesn’t agree.

” (138). The teacher allows the other students to laugh at Jeannine. The other students bully her. She is both physically and emotionally hurt. That day, the black girls punch her after school. Jennet has no one to protect her. She does not hurt the black girls back nice she is not safe.The absence of Brian, her brother, at that moment proves to the reader that she is really unsafe.

In this situation, the teacher takes away her rights to protection by not respecting her. One of the most important scenes that proves the that Jennet is not safe is when she is at Arm’s house and she is ready to go and take a bath while her own uncle sexually abuses her. This is an example of domestic violence. When a person is a victim of the awful act of rape, clearly, that person is not safe. There is no one there to save her; she is unprotected as usual.

She does tell her mother about how the uncle abused her.She says: “Mom, Uncle Stanley is behaving inappropriately. He groped me! And he is winking off” (184). She clearly describes the scene of how she is not feeling secure. The mother did not pay attention to her at all. She ignored the fact that she is in danger. She is the one who brings her daughter to the uncle’s house even though she knows that the uncle’s house is unsafe.

This is the second time that Jeannine is being sexually abused. The first time that she gets abused is when her mother leaves the door open for fresh air over the eight ,and a stranger walks into their house ,and touches her while she is sleeping.Leaving the door open over the night is one of the most dangerous thing that a human can do. Houses have doors for security reasons. But, they do not close the door.

The open door is a symbol of how unsafe she is. Jennet’s family is living in houses that are not safe. They can get electricity shock, or the ceiling can fall off on their head. They each fell off the stairs once.

They eat expired canned food which can make Jennet sick. They eat the things that they should not be eating such as the tree’s leaves. They search in the trash to find food.