Use any one · Whatever the mind of

Use any one·       Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.–Napoleon Hill ·       The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide tobe.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson As a preclude to my Statement of Purpose, I wouldlike to introduce myself as Gopinath Dayalan, currently working as a ________with_______ at Chennai, India. I hold a Bachelor’sdegree in Technology, with a specialization in Information Technology. Igraduated with First class from Valliammai Engineering College (an ISO9001:2000 Certified and Accredited Institution), Anna University, Chennai,India. I intend to apply for the Masters program in _____ at the ______ It might be because of my desire for solvinglogical puzzles or it might be because of my curiosity to understand howeverything around me works, I always find an urge to solve real world problems.The sense of marvel I felt when I saw my first code printed a “Hello world” andwhen I built my first calculator in my 5th grade, has always been my drivingforce.

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It is this feeling, that made me choose Computer Science as my majorduring my high school. It is this feeling that made me secure appreciative gradesin my high school and choose Information Technology as my undergraduate major.(Tell about any science or coding project if any and tell that’s the reason forchoosing engineering)  Duringmy course of study, courses like _____  havealways caught my attention and increased my determination to master them. Myinterest and passion elevated when I was working on my thesis project ______ Explainthe Project My academic pursuits did not prevent me from involving myself inextracurricular activities. – (organisedsymposium, culturals, participated in technical presentations, cricket player).

I graduated with a Grade Point Average of ___, securing first class. Immediately after under-graduation course completion, ___ formy meritorious extra and co-curricular activities in my university, I wasoffered a job as ___ at__ . Thecompany is headquartered in Massachusetts, United States and focuses on ITconsulting, business consulting, systems implementation and applicationoutsourcing services to large enterprises and software vendors. I have beenworking in the company for the past four and a half years. In my time with Virtusa,I have had a unique opportunity to fine-tune the skills that I had learntduring my formative years in college. I had the opportunity to work on variousprojects and for different clients (ABOUTPROJECTS) Having acquired a solid foundation in the field of computer sciencethrough a diligent undergraduate program and my experience in the IT industry, I now stand on the threshold of my plan forhigher education in _____. I wish to raise myunderstanding of the nuances of the Computer Science field and use thisknowledge to enhance my chances for a lucrative career in __(field)___.

I opine that thepractical-orientation of _____ University’s in-depth coursework will enable meto not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also the skills toexecute it.   I understand that the infrastructure facilities,faculty’s strength and teaching methods of ______ are of the world’s beststandards. The Master’s program in _____ offered by your university willundoubtedly provide me with the right knowledge, skills and experience topursue my dream and exploit the opportunities to the fullest extent. Isincerely hope that you would consider my candidature for admission for Fall2018 and thereby provide me with a golden opportunity which would serve as avital and suitable platform for me to achieve all that I aspire.