Utilizing employees

University utilizing employees The economical issues in today’s world are growing more serious by the day. As a result, It Is increasingly important for the hospitals to Increase on their hospital staff. This Is not a good idea. I think we must start utilizing employees to lessen our Impact on economical Issues. One way to utilize employees Is to make good of their skills. Have you ever seen a typical Internal medicine ward at a hospital, for example, sight function with only one-third of the doctors on the weekend that It would have on a weekday.

Hospital should have doctors as well as nurses to work on weekend at least once or twice a month. One mall reason Is when employees aren’t fully using their abilities, they are more likely to quit. Firstly, when employees are neutralized, hospitals suffer because they are not maximizing the results they can obtain from the employees. Management often contributes to the problem by failing to recognize the liable skills their employees possess; and neglect their other skills. Secondly. s we can see, many hospitals feel that once they have hired doctors they will always be a doctor. They are not given the opportunity to demonstrate their other skills. This is a serious problem because when employees aren’t fully using their skills they are unhappy, and less productive.

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It is also clear that utilizing employees skills will be good for the hospital and economical issues. Firstly, as state earlier, I think we must tart utilizing employees to lessen our impact on economical issues.For example, increase in productivity lower the cost of goods, which is called a shift in supply. This gives the hospital a better staff of employees. Secondly, it is understandable that health care professionals do not want to work over the weekend, but evidence points to employees are unhappy, less productive.

However the economy only considers of employee’s skills. Develop an understanding of warning signs that could turn into robbers. People designate employees because of their actions.Such employees know that if they foster an inhospitable environment, then only the hardiest of employees will flourish. Many may argue that utilizing employee’s skills may not be a positive reinforcement. After all, people need more doctor, right? I understand this point of view. However, instead of not allowing employees to utilize their skills understand the measurements of performance and the ability to better evaluate people.

Others may argue that getting rid of employees might have a great Impact on economical issues.I can see that this Is a concern, for everybody needs a Job. We must, however, as an economy look towards utilizing employees In a more constructive way. This means to allow feedback from employees negative and positive. Finally, It Is clear that, one way to utilize employees Is to make good of their skills. To utilize employees Is a concept that may Improve our economic Issues.

We must change our ways and start with utilizing employees.