Revolution using the template below. 2- Timeline – using the timeliness of invention from the Industrial Revolution that were in the lesson, put the ten inventions that you think were the most important on your own timeline. Remember to include the dates of the inventions and any other important information. Thomas Newcomer develops first steam engine 0 1712 begins the industrial revolution. Samuel Slater brings the Spinning Mill to the U. S. 0 mid 18th century Brings Industrial revolution to the U.

S. James Watt creates the first steamboat COCCYX Ell Whitney develops the Cotton Gin 01793 Cyrus McCormick creates mechanical reaper 01831 Steel Plow Invented by John Deere [11837 Samuel Morse invents the telegraph 01847 Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone 01876 Glimmer Martini invents first wireless long distance telegraph 01 899 Wright brothers create the first successful airplane 01903 3- Current Events – by going to any f the major news sources on the Internet, find out the issues that are being discussed in Congress by searching under “politics. Find a subject that interests you, tell what it is and explain what the issue is about. Detail what the arguments are on each side of the question. At this time of the year there Is much debate In Congress about the new Immigration Law which Obama has been trying to pass. Under Beam’s administration there Is a non-deportation policy. “Congressional Democrats on Monday introduced a bill to grant taxpayer-funded ewers to the illegal immigrant children surging across the border, with backers saying the children shouldn’t be forced to face the complex U.

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S. Immigration system alone”(l). This law would change the fact that under federal law, taxpayers money cannot be used to pay legal fees. Democrats feel that it is not fair for children to face immigration courts without a lawyer. Many parents send their kids alone hoping they will be able to stay In US. Although they are not US citizens, Democrats want to give hem rights to assistance In Immigration hearings.

Republicans want them to be deported due to the lack of citizenship, and they find It unconstitutional to use federal money to pay for legal assistance. Democratic Party says that the law should be approved so that families can be together and they can live here in the U. S. , that approved because the kids should be deported.