Video Case

Actually some peoples don’t know yet that computer advertising work Like this. However, peoples who know It are divided In two part, those who Like it, and the others who are afraid. Peoples who are afraid of It Its because they don’t understand the way of its working the concept and only after come the privacy question.The there who like it, Just know how to use it, work with it and find it convenient because it serve their own interest. More of them are less concern buy the privacy question, knowing how It’s work. Benefits Risks Convenient Help search for peoples Faster search Accurate adds on subject (customization) Web and advertiser know who peoples are Data bases build on consumer search Question of privacy concerning search Incorrect information’s 3. The cookies are a great benefits as marketing tools first for internet ads, because they are customize to consumer In an automatic way until website program used hem.

Also for marketing companies it’s Is useful to learn about the consumer In a global way. By knowing the peoples search on the web and building huge data bases of these information’s, the company could know the principals subject of research from consumer and as it, build advertising and developed products relevant to consumer search and needs. On an ethical way, this could be perceived as espionage because peoples could not agree in sharing this kind of information’s.As it they would not that Internet websites put cookies on theirs computer, build data bases for advertising based on some of theirs search, could consider a lack of privacy on It, and marketing peoples have to deal with and used them. Benefits Ethical Global advertising improvement about peoples research Individual propositions using Internet marketing tools Marketing have to deals with their own conscience concerning the fact that peoples could not agree sharing theses information. Haves to deals with privacy of others. 4.

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The data is captured by internet website, they put cookies on the computer concerning the precedent search that you did.Then, during the following search, the internet website use cookies presents on your computer as a data bases to propose you advertisement. The real data bases is built on it, it means that marketing will register how many ads from which website and which company would be shown on an amount of computer, and more accurate, how many of them would get a click and would be really used after the click. (This because they can’t really access to the cookies which are registered on your computer so they use the propositions to your computer based on what your computer has registered automatically => the cookies). . As it said in the video, following a search that the consumer did on Amazon, Amazon would say “hey you liked this book, why don’t you try this one? ” exactly the same as for banana republic for clothes. This would help consumer search on a good way, to propose them accurate search based on their precedents researches and also additional consumption for the retailer’s point of view.

6. From a manager point of view I would ask myself in many points: 1. Is the data really relevant? This is not because a people do some search on something that he would be interested for, they could be mistakes.It’s not because he is searching something on the web that he would be interested in buying it. Moreover, how many peoples don’t clean their computer about cookies? How many cookies are on their computer? How relevant is the ad propose to the computer considering it? Is the global data based on this information still relevant as we think? 2.

Is the data save and for how long? Would it be used later? How? 3. From a company concerning product or project, engineers search or staff search could lead to make competitors buy data bases on our company to know what could be our last secret product project?