Vision and Hearing Loss in the Elderly

The muscles in he eyes fail to contract and relax making it impossible for one to focus on objects around. On the other hand, the muscles around the ears also fail to detect sound vibrations. The conditions may worsen making one to have permanent deafness and blindness or even both. Other than aging, the lifestyle associated with the elderly such as smoking cigarettes leads to these conditions (JAM, 2006). Also, ailments such as diabetes that is most common among the elderly, results in loss of hearing and vision abilities.

The elderly affected by these conditions need to be offered vision and hearing aid. Eye glasses and hearing devices are the most common types of technical help given to these people (JAM 2006). Also, they should be taught sign language and also point at the objects they refer to during conversations. Rehabilitation is also important to these people find it hard to accept themselves. More often they consider themselves as losers.

In conclusion, people should understand the conditions and know how to vive with those affected. They should provide help to them and encourage them so that they live a normal life. The elderly will therefore feel normal and continue living a happy life. Reference JAM and Archives Journals. (2006, October 11).