Visual Literacy

S. Government met at the intersection of Elm and declined Lodge Creek by some cotton wood and elms he made sure to draw in the creek and cotton wood and elms, in this location that is where the Treaty was negotiated. In Wolfs painting it also showed detail of the Comanche people, It showed their teepee’s, It also shows how the warriors that were committed to a woman painted their hair red to confirm his affection also with the woman In the picture shows the Importance of woman In their Plain Society.

The difference In Wolf and in Tailor’s painting was that wolf carries out himself and others through signifying adornment and decoration and Taylor is more lifeless and only has painted is what I think is what he felt was important. It’s hard to say why Taylor didn’t add the Native women in the painting but I think that Taylor was not at this event so he knows not what actually happened in the event of the treaty signing, unlike Wolf who was there.

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I think this omission was deliberate due to cultural bias because, I think back then white people felt they had the power to everything and looked down upon any other culture that wasn’t their own so for Taylor I think to have not painted the women In was because of their ultra and because they were indeed woman and I think back then women weren’t created equal and with Wolfs painting women had an Importance in their society.

Looking at both pictures to me wolf’s palpating tells a colorful story and with Tailors, I get a more empowerment feeling when I look at this picture because there is nothing out men Ana one woman In Resources: tons palpating Closer Look: Howling Wolf and the Signing of the Treaty at Medicine Creek. (n. D. ). Retrieved December 1 5, 2010, from Mayoralty: http://WAP. Prenatal. Com/ has_assayer_worrywart_martially/