Vocab That’s all that I thought about as

Vocab Story”Your comic looks great, but there’s still something lacking in it, the readers wanna see more about the author, like the author’s style and what makes him work, you have to dig deeper into yourself.” My employer said, trying to abet my passion for drawing. “Until then, we just can’t have your work in our comics.” He said. Avering that I wasn’t getting the job. I sighed and thanked him, I got up and left. Dig deeper? That’s all that I thought about as I made my way home in my dinky little ford pinto. I don’t know where to start my story other then my name is Satoru Huap, and I’m a 29 year old guy who’s had nothing but regrets in his life.

Why didn’t I do this or if only I did things differently, those are some phrases I end up asking myself all the time. I had always tried to make it big with my art, hoping to get into some comics and get real big, but now here I am, 29 working part time at a pizza shop, eating ramen in my tiny apartment while trying to ignore the blatant neighbors and the encumbering troubles of rent. I finished my ramen and went to take a bath. I layed there impassive for a long time, disconsolate with the direction my life has been going so far. After laying in the water long enough I finally broached out of the water and dried off. I plopped onto my bed and buttressed my back against a few pillows and turned on the television and started mindlessly flipping through channels. Boring boring boring, something about people trying to fament, boring boring, an ad for a grisly movie, I sighed.

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Nothing good. I shut off the tv and pulled out all of my drawings. I started to collate them, seeing how much progress I made in my artwork. I kept thinking about what my employer told me, what makes me tick? Why have I decided to go down this path? I mean he is the connoisseur, if there was something wrong with my comic he would know. I put away my drawings and decided to go to bed. The next day I went to work at the pizza shop, around the middle of the day there was a delivery to 6th street. “I’ll take this one,” I said.”Alright, drive safe.

” My manager said.  I put the pizza into the bag on the back of the pizza’s shop moped, and started driving. After driving a bit, I noticed a blue butterfly out the corner of my eye, it was a light blue almost clear looking butterfly. Immediately I started looking around me, “out of place, out of place, what’s not right?” I started to get more desperate, my eyes darting between everyone on the street. Is it the kids on the sidewalk? The lady with the stroller? The teacher in tie dye?  What’s not right, something is off and I need to find it. As a delivery van passed me, my heart skipped a beat, that’s it! I looked in my rearview mirror and watched as the van plowed into a little kid who was crossing the street. The child flew and the van crashed into oncoming traffic.

“Alright, drive safe.” My manager said. Ok, I know what I need to do now. I got on the moped and started down the same path that I drove on. Everything was the same, the same kids on the sidewalk, same lady with the stroller, and the same teacher in tie dye.

I saw the delivery van cruising down the opposite lane, as soon as it passed me I made a 180 and shifted the moped into maximum overdrive. Catching up with the van, I started to bang on the door, yelling at the truck driver. “Stop, stop the truck.” I yelled desperately. Saw the kid in the distance, cmon what’s with this driver I thought desperately.

That’s when I saw through the truck mirror, the driver was unconscious. Crap why is he knocked out? I sped up and got close enough to pull the wheel through the open truck window. We skidded to the right and barely missed the kid.

Phew I did it I sighed. My celebration was cut short when a car horn brought me back into reality, I looked back towards the road and saw a red car coming straight towards me. That was the last thing I remembered before everything went black.To be continued