Volar by Judith Ortiz

Volar is a short story written by Judith Ortiz that talks about an immigrant family from Puerto Rico to the US. The family had come in search for freedom and every other aspect that categorizes the American dream. The story portrays the girl’s deep longing for her farfetched desire as well as the realization of the ugly never-ending truth. The unbearable circumstances that the family were facing prohibited the girl eternally from achieving her utmost desire. The need of something that would relieve her from the pain and suffocation was vital although unfeasible.

The author’s imagination merged with her fantasies and evolved an ultimate super girl that had all the characteristics she coveted. The author experiences three main dreams that correspond to the American dream. Beauty was the title of the first dream, the girl changed her physical appearance just like she wanted. “I had a recurring dream in those days: that I had long blond hair and could fly.

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”, “Step by step I would fill out: my legs would grow long, my arms harden into steel, and my hair would magically go straight and turn a golden color”.(Ortiz, J. Volar). This was the beginning of the series of dreams she had. The continuation of the imagination the author went through, revealed gratitude and relief from her.

Being wealthy was what she dreamt about since it was one of her major concerns. “I saw our landlord, whom I knew my parents feared, sitting in a treasure-room dressed in an ermine coat and a large gold crown. He sat on the floor counting his dollar bills. I played a trick on him. Going up to his building’s chimney, I blew a little puff of my super-breath into his fireplace, scattering his stacks of money so that he had to start counting all over again. I could more or less program my Super girl dreams in those days by focusing on the object of my current obsession.

” Her final dream was about freedom and the state of flying. “I “saw” into the …