Dear Voters, I’m relying on your vote In November to revive our nation and return it to Its former glory.

As Americans, we are blessed to be able to live In this wonderful melting pot of a country. By uniting, we can overcome the obstacles our nation may face, and enrich It for the better. Without your support, our nation will fall, never to rise from the ashes again.

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If elected, I will strive to make women’s rights a priority.As a working class citizen, I realize how imperative this is in the workplace: that being said, I will also do what it takes to get those who NEED welfare, the resources they need, while hose who are highly capable of working and being a functioning member of society shall have their welfare revoked. I will make sure the voices of the people are heard. Your opinions do matte, and I will do everything I can to make America a true democracy. Finally, I will strive to give marriage equality to all people of our nation.It’s their God given right to marry whoever they please, no matter their sexual orientation.

Without your vote, our nation will be In shambles. Think hard. Sincerely, Josephine Lath.

Experienced Vehement for Change Driven to Revive This Nation Elect Josephine Loath For Predetermination’s Fighting To Smash the Patriarchy! Environment: If elected, I will see to it that we do everything in order to preserve our country’s land for generations to come. In order to do so, I will do the following: Enforce environmental awareness on both state and federal levels.Motivate Congress to create laws limiting carbon emissions and plastic waste disposal. (Recycling) Abortion: Every woman has the right to choose what she does with her body, regardless of our religious views, It’s her choice.

In order to put emphasis on his, I will do the following: Motivate Congress to pass laws stating that women should not have to keep the baby in instances of rape or incest due to sexual abuse. Enforce policies aimed towards unions stating that they cannot force their employees to take birth control.Gay rights: Everyone deserves a chance to be happy and in-love, regardless of their gender or the gender of whom they love. In order to ensure this, I will: Motivate the Supreme Court to consider permanently lifting the ban on gay marriage. Enforce LEGIT citizen marriage recognition on a state and federal level.

Gun control: Americans have the right to protect themselves. In order to keep this value, I will: Require background checks for those looking to purchase guns. Enforce laws mandating blob-yearly household and background checks on gun owners with a history of mental Illness.Social security: The working class of America don’t want to have to retire at an ever later time.

To keep this from happening, I will: Raise taxes on Don state Ana Ethereal levels. Give welfare to the people that NEED it, and evoke it from those who are perfectly able to work and function in society. Taxes: As President, I will do the following: Raise income taxes to lower the costs of living in states. Increase tax rates on legalized marijuana to provide an extra amount of state revenues.Education: Education is important for all. As president, I will: Do away with the Common-Core program. Enforce laws that create equality in the selection of applicants of colleges and do away with ;priority,; acceptance of applicants.

Censorship: In this country, we are a democracy, with freedom of speech, and as President, I will: Motivate Congress to hold a national convention regarding the ratification of the constitution n terms of censorship. Eliminate censorship on state and federal levels.Death penalty: As Americans, we have the right to punish those for their heinous crimes, as President, I will: Motivate the Supreme Court to reevaluate the death penalty. Ensure Justice for victims of heinous crimes on all fronts, by creating an amendment focused on the death penalty. School prayer: We, as Americans, have the right to express our religious freedoms. As President, I will: Remind those that there is a separation between church and state. Limit the use of school prayer to Catholic and Jesuit schools only.