VU size of 32 inches (diagonally) whereas it

VU 32K160M
smart TV

size and
panel technology Screen

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The VU 32K160M has its screen size of 32 inches (diagonally)
whereas it also have edge lit and acromatic edge panel which enables it to
perform better. The size of this new TV is 737.5 x 445.3 x 50.8 mm and it is
also providing a view angle of 178 degrees horizontally as well as vertically
which will enhance the experience of viewing TV. It supports the 1366 x 768
resolution and which helps in the view of HD movies. The response time of TV is
very fast as it is only 8ms and also had a refresh rate of 60 Hz. At this level
of price range this TV is crisp and is providing the excellent performance.


The VU32K160M has some connectivity devices like HDMI port,
one component YPb (Cb) pr (CR) port, radio input port , AV input, one Coaxial
input , one VGA port and a small earphone jack .it is very easy to get access
with the devices to connect with television so that we will get a marvelous
experience. This TV is already bang up 
in market and is came into the top sellers range. Grab this TV as soon
as possible because it is available online at lowest price so hurry up.


This device VU 32K160M has two rated speakers  as 6Wx2 RMS which supports the whole
surroundings but is unable to emit sound as subwoofer. With the thinking of
home threatre system it made and is compatible too. It is also able to emit
digital noise reduction ,fully customized audio equalizer with a graphical
interface .There are also many pre modes of audio which will able to increase
the further viewing experience .

exiting features

This device VU 32K160M has many other features such as sleep
mode which is able to reduce the consumption of electricity and your bill as
well, child mode which is able to hide the sensitive content from children,
moisture and dust resistant so that it can be put in any environment as per
requirement .it is also proving a one year warranty that is calculated when it
is put out from box.

Iconium 4K

This TV company is become popular in recent years which was
born in California and is become specialist in its trade of offering the
various types of televisions to make every user to be satisfied. This brand is
now forwarding to our country’s electronic 
companies  and is providing the
new TV ‘s at affordable rates.

You will not able to watch only but you can feel it also. It
will also enables you to enjoy movies , programmes and other serials as wellwhen
it is compared to another TV’s then there are many features due to which it
will came at the top from all of those. It also enables you to connect
your  PC and laptops with this Vu TV with
the help of VGA and HDMI connections.

4K ultra HD

The meaning of 4K ultra is that this VU TV will provide you
the 4 times resolution then the other TV’S . everything that you will watch in
this TV will provide you the ultra and upscale resolution that is 4 times of
the other TV’s.  this new VU TV is only
the TV which is providing the world’s 
most advanced technology that will enables you to adjust the image
quality , repair the deviations , and is able to emit the clear videos and
photos .

in colors

This VU TV is providing you more than 8 million pixels that
will results in picture seems to be as clear as it is really in front of us.
The ULTRA HD effect will access to 3D and videos be like that it is all
happening in front of our eyes and seems that you will able to touch it. Colors
pop and the motions in photos and video seems to  be like that all the things are happenings in
front of you and each scene details you about stunning risilent.

 1:1 pixel

This processor will enables the user in connectivity to any
gadget. TV resolution will automatically match to the different resolutions of
gadget. This feature is actually build to enhance the sharpness and accuracy of
video, text and images.

smartTM TV’S

Exactly as a cpu is a brain of computer in a same way cpu is
also a brain of our smart TV and it is easy to handle all the features  according to user description. 


Vu premium remote is as easy as a cup of tea and is easy to
handle all tasks and is portable and it is fun to use as well. Many shortcut
are available on remote as Youtube and Netflix etc. the remote control is easy
to  connect without any hassles of smart
operations. Every app that you want to find out on TV the new kind of
friendliness keyboards and navigations helps you to easy to find the different

Game centre

The new Vu Tv provides game portal with many of the light
games. the system provides 30 new games with hd resolution 4 catogories as ex-
arcade, puzzle, card, board and many more.

A+ grade

Rich picture quality, light reflection that reflects
clearity are because of A+ grade pure prism panel.

Piano black

The most favorable elegant designing and the gross  finishing 
will surely a compliment to your home decorations.


It enables the files to view which is on the cloud storage
in media section as well as you can share the content of your smartphone
through wifi or LAN.


The new VU smart TV will let you to browse like open
facebook, google, youtube and yahoo etc . you can also be able to hear the
immense sound that it will emit. The extra need of digital speakers are not
required as it is capable enough to produce digital voice in a room upto 20
square feets. Smart TV’S are really a great idea and it is inbuilt android 2.0

Zero ripples

the IPS panel technology helps to protect the display panel
of TV from external pressure and then it will able to emit a ripple free image.


This extremely efficient TV will able to save your
electricity bill as it consumes only 65 watt of power

Ultra wide
color gamut

This feature will let you to a broad range of colors that
will give you an immense picture quality. With the high contrast and accurate
details it will let you to feel a outstanding  picture quality.