Want and Childhood

Days where you’re childhood friends, cousin having a bonding and will create a memories to remember. Times that you don’t worry for anything, all you care is you can play with your friends. That’s why, when was a little girl I never missed the feeling Of playing stuffs until it came to the point It’s one Of y hobbies. Ere up in a province which is surrounded by farm, green environment, far from a town,and very active cousins. In front of our house is my second home during my childhood days which is called the pavement. This is the place where my friends and I meet in the afternoon for an amazing and tiring game session. We usually play the hide and seek and it’s one of our favorite game to play and some other games that includes running and jumping. How does this game work? Well it’s simply easy and it’s one of the traditional childhood game. But we have a different version Of laying it.

It’s mostly the same but there are things we’ve changed. Whenever we play hide and seek, I always plan my hiding place first because I don’t want to be the first one who get caught and be the next seeker in the next game. I usually in a place where it’s kind of dark so that they can’t really see me. Sometimes hide lying down in a grass with a tall and thick plant. Guess what? It works. I think It’s more fun when you hide than a seeker, because it’s like there’s someone is looking for you but they can’t caught you right away. There’s Ivories II ix feeling of intense and nervous that the police wants to get you in to the jail. Issued the word ” BANG”, where the seeker usually says when he caught you. The sad part is when you get caught first and you have the possibility to be the next seeker. And that realize that when you’re playing with this game you need to have an effort and determination when you are a player. A hiding place that will comfort you and will save you to the next game. When the evening comes, my parents got really mad because I don’t go home on time.