Don’t wallow, shoot into the shower A quick shower uses far less water than a long soak In the tub. Think twice before you have one! Save your washing up for one wash Instead of washing up as you go, save it up and do it in one go to minimize the amount of water you use. As one Moneymaker says, it’s a great excuse to leave the washing up! Conserve water and ‘mulch’ your garden plants Mulching garden plants (covering with wood chippings or leaf mould) reduces the need for watering as they will retain moisture for longer.

See the Bib’s guide on how to mulch. Love the shade – keep plants out of the sun Moving pot plants and house plants out of the sun helps limit the amount of water they need once they’ve had their fair share of sunshine. Watering the plants? Don’t forget your roots Use the simple trick of an upside-down water bottle with holes in it to get water direct to the roots of your plants – this should help save waste. Turn It off- don’t run the tap When cleaning don’t run the tap. Instead use a wash bowl to rinse cloths.

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Clean the car smartly When you really get to the point you have to clean the car, use a bucket of hot soapy eater and a watering can of clean water to rinse – no need to use a hose at all. Consider using waterless valentine products too. Don’t bathe pets, keep Fide dry It can be bad for their skin and they may not need It unless they require medicated baths or have rolled In something awful. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth Simple but effectively Steam your veggies Healthier and tastier than boiling them. Running your tap to temperature?

Fill up empty bottles while you wait for it to heat up and use round the house to water plants or for the kettle. Get a dual flush lo SE the small flush for onuses, or the stronger flush for bigger Jobs! Save rain water – get a water butt Sometimes you can pick these up free. Leave it in your garden to collect rain water and you have a constant supply of water for the plants as and when you need it. Make sure you keep it covered so the water doesn’t evaporate when it’s most needed! Turn off the tap when you shower After Initially wetting yourself, turn off the shower until you are ready to rinse clean. Ay to wash your hair Provided it’s not a cold day, wash your hair and then soap up a sponge. Turn the water to a dribble while you soap up then finish with a quick blast at the end to get all the soap off. This saves water and makes sure there is still enough hot water to last the day out. Recycle tea water Empty the cold dregs from the tea on to house plants. Use a waterless car wash Special products will clean your car without water. Give them a whirl and see if you notice a difference. Fish tank water is good for plants! Use dirty water from fish tank on plants – it’s rich in nitrogen and phosphorous. Shave and save

Use half a mug of water while shaving to get rid of the hair by dipping the razor into the mug and churning it. Water your plants with sponges Put sponges at the bottom of plants and baskets. It will stop the water seeping out and mean you should have to water your plants less. Use your head – swap rinse-in hair conditioner for a leave-in version Don’t use hair condition in the shower that you have to use rinse out, use a leave-in version instead. Use leftover tumble dryer water If you use a condensing tumble dryer, and it’s ventures, collect the condensed water n a removable reservoir so you can Just pour it straight into your watering can.

Or use this water to top up your iron. Use rainwater for flushing the 100! Here’s one Moneymaker’s tip: “l use rainwater for flushing the 100, after filtering through muslin. All my tanks are 200 gallon metal sins type, all sealed and with a large tap. Plus charcoal lumps in a netting, the sort that oranges come in. Keeps the water smelling sweeter. The bucket stands either Just outside the conservatory door or in the bath, with a splash of half strength bleach. ” Share your bath… With your lawn Run a hosepipe up to your bathroom window and siphon your bathwater out the window to your plants.

Build a pond Dig yourself a pond. It’s great for wildlife and will provide hours of relaxation. Best of all it’s the biggest reservoir you can create, even beating water butts for volume of water etc. Just dip into it with your watering can as required, of course returning all the pond snails and newts afterwards! Use a save-a-flush Many water companies offer free save-a-flush’ bags which go into the toilet so you don’t use as much water. It’s good for the environment and should save you roughly tender a year (see the ‘save-a-flush’ forum discussion).

If you can’t be bothered calling your water authority to get one, Just fill up a 1 liter (or 2 liter for bigger savings) fizzy drink bottle with water and it should do the same Job. There’s a useful list of how to get water devices from some water boards from Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Fix leaky taps Check your meter’s not increasing when you’re not using any water. If it is, get leaks sorted pronto. Buy efficient white goods If you’re looking to replace your dishwasher or washing machine get some tips from

Stand a washing up bowl in the shower and use collected water in the garden and for house plants. Load up the washing machine Wait until you have a full load before using your washing machine or your dishwasher. Some new washing machines use less than seven liters of water for each kilogram of clothes, while modern dishwashers can us as little as 10 to 15 liters of water a cycle. Use a watering can instead of a hose Using a watering can in the garden instead of a sprinkler or a hosepipe. Garden sprinklers and hosepipes left running can use between 500 and 1,000 liters of water an hour.