Ways to take advantages of technology

Technology changes the world In which we live and brings us universal pollution, genetic engineering, the loss of personal privacy, and the globalization of electronic telecommunications.

These changes associated with industrialization and modernization have created vast challenges as well as benefits. What we should do is to find effective ways to deal with challenges and then take advantages of technology.Richard Reseat, the author of “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era”, studies the effect of modern media and communication devices on our daily lives and tastes that distraction Is driven by technology to some degree. Malcolm Caldwell, the author of “Small change”, also points out that social media cannot bind us with strong ties. However, both authors agrees with the benefits brought by technology.

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Although Social problems of technological change range from the loss of personal privacy to the loss of face-to-face communication, and from the reducing of efficiency to Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADD), we can benefit from technology which will help us build strong ties, work efficiently and access more Information but only If we use wisdom and methods In how we take advantages of It.Technology provides us many efficient ways In which we can establish a strong bond with families and friends or a new relationship with strangers, even though technology drives our life to become so fast that we don’t have enough time to have a face-to-face communication. This modern world is full of chances and competitions, which forces us to chase after our time and thus we have no time to talk with our families and friends. To some degree, development of technology contributes to that social change. As Richard Reseat said, technology results In “a devaluation of the depth and quality of our 6).But, In effect, technology also builds a virtual bridge from one person to another. No man is an island. We all have families and friends who we love deeply, and we would like to communicate with them.

However, as the result of the fast rhythm of life, we cannot stop our pace to listen to someone or chat with friends over coffee. Technology brings various new tools of social media, such as cell phones, laptop computers, ;pads and the like, to enter the mainstream of acceptable platforms of communication among rinds, even strangers.Thanks to technology, people who live in modern world could be able to reestablish friendship and strengthen family ties. Though we are busy and always on the way to workplace, we can chat on the cell phone when we are walking or waiting for the bus.

Reseat also provided another good choice, “While talking with a friend over coffee we’re scanning e-mail on our Palm thus a chatting will never Interfere with your work. There is another common phenomenon that we pass one stranger after another, move Like a cold person with a cold mask.That’s because, even though we can maintain the existing friendships through email and cellophane, we are not willing to establish a new relationship in real life as it needs more time and efforts. Malcolm Caldwell put forward that the platforms of social media give us more chances to meet acquaintances. He said, “Twitter is a way of following (or being followed by) people you may never have met. Backbone is a tool for efficiently managing your casualness’s, Tort Keeping up Walt ten people you would not otherwise be able to stay in touch with. (234) In this way, although we are too busy to et up a new relationship in real life, we can find our “friends” (on Backbone etc. ) by setting some standards, thus people who have the same preferences can share new ideas with each other regardless of distance.

Maybe we can meet a friend fortunately who matches the standards of bosom friend. Technology helps us with our relationship, making us more closer though we are more busy than before. Besides the influence on relationship between people, technology also affect our efficiency.

With rapid development of technology, we are distracted by the media around us, but correct way to use the media will also help you find a shortcut to finish your work. It is commonly thought that our society had dramatically changed by modern science and technology. One important aspect of conversion is music. Technology changes the way in which audiences consume music. Today, you download music or songs from the Internet instead of going to the theater and you can enjoy a piece of music through a Walkway wherever you are and whenever you want.

Precisely because of these media around us, our attention will be divided and we cannot focus on our ark. It’s wise to keep this in mind: Avoiding the distraction caused by noisy music or a theme song of the movie will be helpful. Richard Reseat gave an example of daybooks which also have some negative effect on our brain, he said, “Listening to the Audubon would activate similar areas of the brain and cause competition between the attention needed to efficiently and accurately operate and to comprehend the images and story in the Audubon. “(422).A theme song, which has the same effect with an Audubon, may let you recall the episode of the movie.

For instance, My Heart Will Go On (performed by Cline Don) makes us imagine the most classic scene of the movie– Titanic and immersed in the poignant love between Rose and Jack. You would love to listen to this song when you want to relax yourself, but you can’t read books or write letters with My Heart Will Go On. However, driving people to distraction is not the real intention of technological change of music. Various types of music and songs make our lives more colorful of course, and can further enhance our efficiency.A perfect illustration of music’s strengths was made y Richard Reseat. After his study between music and surgeon, he concluded, “Thanks to music, the surgeon is more concentrated, alert, technically efficient, and– most important–in the frame of mind most conducive to healing. “(422). It is obviously that suitable music will help a lot.

In your work time, sudden music or song will disturb you and make you distracted. However, soft music or songs which have beautiful rhythm will help you to approach the best state for dealing with your work in a more quickly way. It will also work after having a party or doing some exercise.After having exciting activities, your heart is beating fast, while soft rhythm will help you take a deep breath and then clam down. Besides enhancing your work efficiency, music also exerts its positive effects on physical training. When you are running, music with rhythmic beats will help you pace yourself. Technology brings music to us which undoubtedly plays an important role in improving efficiency, and further brings the Information Society.

In this Information Society, although Internet makes our concentration faced with great challenge, it also makes information accessible and transfer more quick.Technology leads to enormous social change, like cockleshell TTY AT International, wanly NAS Don advantages anon Lastingness. 10 claim the impact of advanced techniques on our lives, Richard Reseat said that “laptop computers, cell phones, e-mail, and fax machines keep us in constant touch with the world while simultaneously exerting tremendous pressures on us to respond quickly and accurately'(41 5), and then he claimed that “speed and accuracy often operate at cross-purposes in the human 5). But we need to know that we belong to the Information Society, information transfer is accelerated by technology.

If we cannot keep up with the blistering pace of life, we will be left behind by the river of time. In many cases, we are demanded to collect information and select useful ones at the first moment, which needs both speed and accuracy because the news updates quickly and involves in various fields. Just as Richard Reseat put it, “In order to be successful in today’s workplace you have to incorporate some elements of ADD/ ADD. “(416). Though there is a conflict between speed and accuracy, what we have to do is to try our best to adapt.

Although technology exerts pressures on us, we should admit that technology has many .As soon as a brand new album is released, we can download it from the Internet. Of course, we can obtain other resources online as you download a song.

By browsing the website, we can know what is taking place all around the world. By checking the e-mail inbox, we can know the most recent reply from boss. By scanning the twitter, we can know the current situation of our friends. Thanks to the platform of social media, pieces of information are accessible to the world. Many leukemia patients have found a matched bone-marrow, many missing ids have been found, family violence has been prevented, social inequality can be heard by more people.The new tools of social media also makes it easier “for the powerless to collaborate, coordinate and give voice to their concerns”(Malcolm Caldwell, 232). Technology exposes us to the large amount of information, making us more informed and concerned.

In summary, the explosive development of science and technology has more or less brought about some new challenges and problems that people should learn how to deal with them. For society and for individuals, technology is indeed a double edged sword.