We about offending someone. When writing a letter

We live in a world where our everyday lives
are dictated by political correctness. People at their jobs, in school, on the
street, and even in their own living room, have to be concerned about what they
say as it can be misunderstood by someone and they might take offence to it.
How can we speak our minds if we are always being careful so as not to offend
anyone? There are many things that people think might offend someone when in
truth they mean absolutely no harm. It seems like some people today try so hard
to find ways to make these things offensive. Be it a picture, a comment someone
makes, or even a movie poster. This in my opinion is very bad for our society
and people should be able to speak their minds without having to worry about
offending someone.

When writing a letter or typing an email at
work, it is necessary to check its content. If we don’t do this then we risk
the chance of being fired by our employer, or even worse a possible lawsuit.
Political correctness has gone way too far in the minds of some people. Why should we look to someone else and ask if it’s OK
to say what we want to say? We are a free people. Nobody should decide what the
right thing to say is. We should
not be afraid to offend someone with what we want to say because of what is
considered politically incorrect.

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There is a big difference
between being a nice, caring person, and being politically correct. I believe
that in general people are caring and they don’t want to hurt each other even
with words. Even a nice and caring person will eventually offend someone with
their point of view on certain things. However, if people are so afraid of
speaking their minds because they do not want to offend someone, then what will
become of our society? I for one refuse to be politically correct. I do not
intentionally try to offend someone but if I strongly believe in something then
I will not hold my tongue. Unless it will hurt someone.

Take words such as fat, blind, cripple, stupid,
ugly, deaf, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those words.
They are only words! It is the context that counts, it is the user of the
words, and it is the intention of the user that makes them good or bad. I mean
even in some schools the song “Baa Baa Black Sheep” has been changed to “Baa
Baa Rainbow Sheep”. Why? It is simply a children’s song that we all used to
listen to as children. There is no harm in the word “black”!

The idea of political
correctness concerns the “proper” way of stating one’s race, gender,
nationality, and profession. Meaning that words which used to be used all the
time have been changed in an effort to please everyone and to offend no-one.
For example, garbage men, excuse me, I mean garbage collectors, are now being
called sanitation engineers. What I do not understand is how this changes
anything. I mean, they are still collecting trash no matter what title they
have. This political correctness crusade is like a power struggle between
radicals who want to influence everyone else with their views and realists who
know that the duties of a garbage collector and a sanitation engineer are the

It is impossible to please anyone these days.
To make a new vocabulary that will please everyone is virtually impossible.
Labels and titles are individual preferences that no one should be forced to
accept. Unfortunately, these so called radicals don’t seem to respect
individual opinions. While their dedication to this crusade is admirable, I think
there are more serious problems in the world today than whether a garbage collector
should be called a garbage collector or a sanitation engineer.

While it may sound nice to some people to be
known as “horizontally challenged” rather than simply being called fat, the
name does not decrease their size, nor prevent others from noticing their size.
Whether you are fat or horizontally challenged, if you do not do something
about it you are never going to change. If you are an idiot or a retard, simply
calling yourself mentally challenged won’t make you pass a test. You must study
hard in order to pass it. If these examples are still unclear then look at
racial labels. Some black people, yes I said black but calm down, prefer the
term African-American and others are fine with black. So… what? Does this mean
every dark skinned or black person comes from Africa? No!

I honestly do not understand the fuss over
political correctness aside from making someone not feel self-conscious.  However they are still the same person, doing
the same job, with the same nationality, and having the same body size. It is
one thing to be polite but another thing to go overboard and having a “correct”
name for everything. Maybe we should start calling Orientals Asian-American or
better yet let’s be more polite and state each separate country.
Japanese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, or Korean-Americans? Then there are
Italian-Americans, Spanish-Americans, Dutch-Americans, etc. And what if you are
of multiple descent? Then what are you? Chinese-Italian-American? Do not get me
wrong, it is good to acknowledge your heritage, but it is not a good idea to
separate each part of your identity from everyone else. This is where
discrimination and hatred starts and where the political correctness movement
has the potential to lead.

All in all we are all
different and no language or vocabulary is ever going to change that. No matter
how anyone is referred to, be it African-American, horizontally challenged,
mentally challenged, sanitation engineer, etc. Do not judge a person from the
outside but from the inside and respect them for what makes them who they are.
Respect means a lot more than any title.