We are Young!

Today’s teenager are supporter(teens) on an objective to function but it will not happen if there’s are no guider(elder). Because of their stage of adolescent, several of them apply to their life being “Happy go lucky.

” Such us following latest fashions, going bars, and linking in a relationships. Going to “Barbuda” is their habit to complete their day. Being active in social media like Faceable. Twitter, Mainstream, and other popular social cites is their frequently spare time or make them engage for mom Insignificant reason.Others are Joining to the famous group, a fraternity for boys and sorority for girls. I don’t know what Is their purpose of lifting a group Like that, Imagine as their own good they can work on something Like clubs In their place that may cause to learn prestigious things and helpful work for poor and nature.

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In addition, few are getting addictive on vices such as alcohol and banned drugs that can take to a way through cells. Usually, teenager captivate for their wrong doing get alarming to the TV, radio, and even newspaper.Some of them bring to DEWS for their confession and for them to have a new life after bad events. This Is accurate evidence that they aren’t perfect person.

They can be a hope for society in other way something can be proud of. While we are young, let’s grab the chance to “Live Wild and Young and Free'”. But don’t forget our parents around us playing an important role in our lives. Live with the one of the saying of Dry. Jose Racial ” Nag Kaftans ay page-as Eng banyan.