We Shall Remain

King Phillips War Almost 400 years later, we still know almost nothing about the original Thanksgiving Celebration that has become so commonplace in American Society today. Records show that it probably occurred in the late summer of 1621 , almost a year after the Wanting Indians first made contact with the English Pilgrims. However, what we do know from this event is the rapid expansion and deterioration that followed which lead to the eventual demise Of Indian Culture, not 50 years after the English had arrived.

This devastation id not always seem imminent, as seen in the first few years when the settlers came ashore. By the end of the first winter, 45 men, women, and children, almost half of the 102 new settlers, died by starvation or exposure. At first, the Wanting had the upper hand on the foreigners, and acted out of kindness so they could survive in their new environment. By the spring of 1621, both parties signed a treaty to protect and live along side one another, and Mastoid, even gave the settlers Patent (Plymouth) in which they could live and prosper.

This prosperity eventually lead to even more settlers coming not the land, bringing with them their radical Puritan beliefs and “a boundless sense of mission. ” By the Spring of 1630, the original population of 300 grew to over a thousand, and multiplied quickly over the next 5 years. The Wanting, now hugely outnumbered, see their circumstance flipped, as it was just 1 0 years earlier. Those who see them solely as an obstacle have replaced the original colonists, who could have attested to the dependence and mutual respect once shared between them. Among those who escalated the tension further, was Gob.

Josiah Winslow, who, coinciding with many actors, made war virtually impossible to avoid. In 1671, with tensions already on the rise, the Gob. Forced Philip (Masochist’s son and heir) and his fellow Indians to surrender all of their weapons and sign a confession declaring disloyalty to the Crown. Not five years later, in 1675, after Phillips secretary was found dead after traveling to Plymouth to warn the English of an imminent attack, three Indians were killed on her behalf. With the first blood drawn, it did not take long for conflict to follow, and before long, the inevitable King Philips War was underway.