Week Learning Styles

Teresa Sidewall Learning Styles Each student has a chosen learning style and most students have modules of several styles they normally use to integrate new information. My Personality spectrum profile surprise me because I have learned there are eight Intelligence ways of learning are Visual, Verbal-linguistic, Bodily-kinesthesia, Logical- mathematical, Musical, Interpersonal, Interpersonal and Naturalistic.Also I learned bout four each personality spectrum dimension are Thinker, Organizer, Giver and Adventure. I can alter my study techniques Improving my abilities to study and performing task gaining better understanding of the way.

Exploring my preferred learning styles could assist me to my plan educational experience that thrusts me Into a prosperous career.Knowing my skills and ablest In the personality spectrum It will helps me to understand how I going to answer to the world around me, with he people at work and school, understand our principles, attitudes, motivations and manners, understanding of others, increase current communication and relationship skills but decreasing conflict. It will be easy for me to approach collaborative work in the future because after I took the intelligence personality and the personality spectrum it makes me to understand I have the ability to help and understand others no matter the situation that I can be very persistent and motivated at work or school.

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