We’re within his bag reverberates beyond the depths

We’re surrounded by hues of luscious green; swarms of insects intermittently fly into our faces, and tiny rocks tumble into our hiking shoes, but we still keep on trekking through the Appalachian trail. We talk about the classes that we used to back when we met at Columbia’s Summer Program years way back in 2017, our conversation full of anecdotes and inside jokes that stem from our different cultures. Every now and then I have to ask him to repeat what he says – his southern drawl is difficult to clearly hear with my asian upbringing. However, it’s at interactions like these where we find ourselves getting the most out of each others company, learning more about ourselves the more we learn about each other.He continues to talk about C++, Java, Python, and a long list of other names that are still completely foreign to me. I ramble on about scrums, offsides, conversions and anything remotely related to a sport that I’m familiar with .

The sounds of sighing and his twitching movements take the stage as he attempts – yet again – to demonstrate the dynamics of what he refers to as: “the language of the future.” After a hilariously long twenty minutes, we’ve both given up and chosen to revert to catching up. To no surprise, amidst the head of the blazing sun, the rustling  sound of cheap plastic from within his bag reverberates beyond the depths of the cliff we’re both seated on. Permeating from his bag must’ve been the pungence of one of his famous sandwiches.

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Beetroot, apple and cottage cheese sprinkled with bacon bits lay on a layer of sriracha blanketed by two slices of whole wheat raisin bread in what barely met the requirements of a sandwich was presented in a ziplock bag. He glances up at the mask of delight I put on – to not be rude – and sees right through it, chuckling at the nostalgia he gets from it all.Two sandwiches and a whole lot of nonsense later, we make our down to third rail coffee, for the sake of old times being relived.***It was back in ’17, his hair was a striking gold.

He carried an imperious nose and defined cheekbones that met with a concrete jaw. However, as expected, his backbone seemed to have the strength of a snake, he was as erect as a plate of jelly. We spoke casually, drifting from topic to topic