Westover Wire Works

From the operating date that Ron Garcia received, it is vivid that the machine utilization level, 63 % is below standard levels. To increase monthly output, Ron should recommend that the production department implement strategies to increase machine utilization. Some of these would include: Minimize machine stoppages Maximize up-time Minimizing changeover time during production Reducing amount of manual work as well as Continual improvement of the production process (Rosenthal & Ripper, 1976).

2. From the problems addressed by Joss Arroyo, the decision to bring retired employees in the Drawing Department is very helpful and should be endorsed.If the company was to successfully bring in temporary workers in the drawing department, it would be able to meet customer demand in the month Of April. The revenue gained could be used to salvage the company’s debt hence elevating its leverage level (Blackwell, 1997). This would act as a milestone in helping the company meet both market demand as well as individual customer order such as the 600 units of product WAX and 150 units of product WHICH order made to Vivian Espanola for a key customer. The workers are best employed on temporary basis since excess work load is anticipated in April only (Hint, & Angler, 2006).

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3.The plant layout would be comprised of some distinct stages outlined in the following order. First is the Drawing stage where the raw materials used to make the wires are made to be of desired diameters. This is followed by annealing of the wires to reduce brittleness and hardness. This stage is followed by twisting, stranding and insulating of the wires for safety purposes. For special purpose cables, processes such as Sheathing are undertaken to produce multiple PVC insulated cables.

Others include Armoring in case of heavy current carrying cables meant to strengthen cables while increasing insulation for safety reasons (Meyer, 1979).