Westward find gold really quickly. If they didnt

Westward Expansion and Manifest DestinyWhy people moved westPeople moved west to try to get better lifes in America by getting rich.

People would move to California and try to find gold really quickly. If they didnt then it would be a waste of money and now they were out in the hot land of California. The diffulculties of living out westSome of the hardships ofl living out west were Texas and Mexico could not agree on the border so people would get  killed  if they croosed the border and that made a war so that was a hardship.   Another hardship was getting diseases, people would get sick on the trail and then people would die because they didnt have enough medical supplies, and they could rarly get more.

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Indians were a big threat to people going down the trail, like Daniel Boone he was an American traveler on the trail and he was going through some Indian Land but he didnt know it was theirs, He got attacked by them, but he lived and moved on, prior to all this happening his son had gotten kidnapped by the same group of Indians. Wild Animals were a threat also because they would attack you and then youd be hurtm Take Jed Smith for an example he was going along the trail and then outta no where he got attacked by a black bear, the first attack he got his face and ear ripped off but and he sadly died, his friend had soed his face back before he got buried. Food was a problem too, people on the trail would run outta food and die because they didnt have enough food and then it was hard to get food because they didnt know what they could kill without it trying to attack or not being posionis or something they were just trying to be safe.The War of 1812The War of 1812 was the second war between the U.

S and Britian. Britian was doing things that was making Americans angry. British soldriers wernt leaving British forts in the U.S, they were selling Native Americans guns and just other stuff like that, then America had enough and then they had a war with Britian again, Britian tried to take over again, but yet they lost to the Americans again.The Gold RushThe California Gold Rush was in California and it was when they found alot of Gold in their mines in California and people that were miners usaually got rich if they found gold. These people were actually called Forty-Niners, thats why one of Californias football teams is called the San Fransico Forty Niners.

Louisiana PurchaseIn 1803 the United States of America’s president Thomas Jefferson,  purchased the Louisiana Purchase, this doubled the size of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson made a deal with France to get this land, it cost the U.S 15 Million to get the land, France needed some money so they took the deal. Thomas Jefferson did not know if this would be a good decison at the beginning, but he knew it would be better for the country later on, and here we are in 2018 and it was a great deal, because the piece of land that he purchased is now a major part of the U.

S, millions of people live there, and millions of animals are there, and alot of crops can be grown there.The Lewis and Clark ExpeditionMeriwether Lewis and William Clark got a letter from the President in 1803 and it asked them if they would go explore the west for a little bit and bring back information before the U.S bought the land. So they took the job as the Presidents private workers, along the way on their journey they brought journels to draw and write about what they saw, they found a bunch of new species. They also met Indians on their journey, the most known one that they met was a girl named Sacagawea.

She was kinda like their travel guide, she helped them out, she knew the land really well so she helped them go along, get food, and she saved their journels once, their boat tipped over in water and their journels went in the water but luckly Sacagawea saved them before the water could do any damage. Her brothers went and followed them because they did not trust the new Americans in the land, but the brothers learned to trust them because they never did anything wrong to Sacagawea and the brothers even had to help them a few times