What determines how much you pay for custom essays?

Like in any other business, custom essays customers are charged differently for the same or related products. The difference in charges is as a result of a number of factors. What determines how much you pay for custom essays? First and foremost, there is the issue of returning versus new customers. Between the two types of customers, returning customers get a fairer price. Certain factors explain this phenomenon. Returning customers are eligible to certain discounts which new customers may not be eligible to. Additionally, returning customers may have an opportunity to bargain or negotiate their prices.

Another factor that brings about the difference in prices is the size of a custom essay order. Customers placing custom essay orders of only 1 page are less likely to be eligible for any form of discounts. A customer placing a custom essay order of more than 10 pages is certainly eligible to a huge quantity discount.

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There is also the issue of urgency and complexity of an order. As anyone would expect, complex orders are charged more expensively compared to ones that are cheap and require little or no research. Urgent orders, on the other hand, are subject to higher prices compared to non-urgent custom essay orders. The academic level of a customer placing an order is another factor that determines how much a customer pays for an order. High school students pay lower fees compared with those placing college or masters custom essay orders.

The essay writing company that a customer chooses to work with also plays a role in determining how much one pays for custom essays. Although custom essay writing companies charge an average fee, there are those that will take advantage of loyal customers or customers who do not know much about custom essay writing. It is thus wise to compare custom essay prices before falling for a custom essay service provider.