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      What are urban and suburban areas? Well, Suburban areas are the residential areas located outside of the main city, and urban areas usually make up the inner cities or main city. When you hear the word “urban” you may imagine the scenery of poor looking  areas with beat up buildings and abandoned houses. What do you think of suburban areas? Maybe you imagine the view of an area with large houses, cleaner streets and more up to date looking stores. While that may be the imagery were used to there’s more to those areas then we realize. Different places like China and Australia have different definitions of the two compared to us in the USA, but for now we will talk about the areas in our country.  For example, down here in Louisiana an example of a suburban area would be a city like Destrehan and an urban area would be Central city.  Both are very much alike in a lot of ways but just as they are alike they have major differences.

From the living conditions like the crime, how big the area is, and what its like on an everyday basis to live there. The population density and how more people could mean more or less problems. Their locations also make a big difference when comparing the two as they are located in certain places for specific reasons. Each area also has their own culture and way of living sort of that makes a difference in what suits your lifestyle.   In the early nineteenth century, during the Industrial Revolution, americans began selling their farms and trading in there old life for the early urban movement. Today many of americans choose to live in urban areas, suburban areas, and country.

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There are many reasons people choose to live where they dowant too. Where you live effects your point of view on life and how you live. Urban and Suburban living has its advantages and disadvantages on how you live.   There are many major reasons that entice people to want to move, or live in  an suburban area. Suburban areas are mainly made up of upper-class families.

The suburban community creates a feel that an environment with more space and less clutter stops crime and a better neighborhood. By suburban areas being more secluded it allows more privacy. Also by these homes being more spaced out its more quiet in these areas. Suburban areas also have many down-sides, people living in these areas have to travel more for necessities and entertainment.Urban areas like suburban areas has its advantages and disadvantages. The homes in Urban areas are mainly lower-class families. The absence of extra income creates an environment with more crime and run-down neighborhoods. In inner cities homes are located closer to each other, which means people bunched up which means the environment is more disruptive and creates a less peaceful atmosphere.

  What kind of houses do you see normally around the city? I would expect you’d say something like shotgun houses or tall apartments. Well, these are examples of an urban area in the city. Most houses aren’t that big unlike the suburban areas which usually has medium to large sized houses. Because the houses are so small, there’s usually multiple houses within a few feet of each other. Houses aren’t the only things closely together, I bet you’ve noticed that there’s nearly a corner store within five minutes or less no matter where you are. This is very convenient considering suburban areas usually requires you to travel a distance to the nearest store.

What about living in a suburban area? Well, as stated before, unlike urban areas that has corner stores, hospitals, and schools not very far from you no matter where you are, suburban areas aren’t that easy to access. The nearest place of business may take you 5-15 minutes to get there because of the areas being so spaced out and open. Whereas locations may be spaced out, unlike urban areas the property taxes are much lower on suburban houses. Living in the suburb would be ideal if you didn’t mind substituting your nearest store or place of business for a lot more housing space. For some that may not be a problem considering the fact that you can a big house with extra rooms for very much less than an urban areas, cool right? Yes, both areas have all of the main necessities made to fit into everyday life, but what else separates the two? Well, how about population density. On an everyday basis living in the main city, I guarantee if you just step outside on your front tep you’ll see people walking up and down the street or even cars passing by, right? If you answered yes, it’s because you live in an urban area which is way more densely populated than a suburban area.

It’s on average that there are 1,000 people per block in urban areas, which is way more than you’d see in a suburban area of course. Mainly because businesses and stores have less space between them in urban areas, this allows for more of those businesses to be built around the city .  More businesses means more people coming to shop there.

Not only is more population a good thing for businesses but it also has its downfalls. Because urban areas are so densely populated, this causes things like traffic to be backed up and it’s not very ideal for someone who wants peace and quiet every day. Imagine getting off work and you get in the car about to head home and as soon as you get on the freeway you see cars EVERYWHERE. Well, living in an urban area this is what you’d see on a typical business day.

Now that 10, 15 minute ride home turns into a 30 minute trip because traffics backed up. This is one of the biggest problems we face everyday living in the main city. Whereas suburban citizens may see one car pass every 5 minutes. For some that’s enough to move to a suburban area where they can have peace almost 24/7 whereas living in the noisy urban area.

These areas aren’t populated by random acts of events though, they’re populated that way because of location. As stated before urban areas make up the inner parts of a main city ,if not, the main city. Urban areas are mostly populated with big businesses and stores and hospitals right? Well, that’s because by design urban areas are built according to those businesses that keeps on growing and changing. For example, us living in New Orleans we know that places like mid-city or the french quarters is where there are a lot of businesses at. This in turn means as those businesses change the area adapts to those changes because they’re designed that way. In simpler terms, living in a suburban area means you’ll see a lot of construction and changes being made when driving opting for alternate routes.

Suburban areas are like this part of the state that couldn’t make the starting team so they sat on the bench. In other words, the main city(the starters) are out there playing but (the benchwarmers) suburban areas are used for for backup. As stated above the urban areas are designed for building whereas the suburban areas are a sort of build-as-you-go-along type project. The streets and houses aren’t built by design, so they constantly have to make changes as they go along with building things. Because urban areas are part of the main cities,which are usually historically built, they have a lot more people and traffic. Living in New Orleans the french quarters is the perfect area for trading and selling goods, whereas in a suburban area there’s no place like the french quarters where you will see a lot of tourists and visitors coming to see things because they don’t have very much to offer in those areas.

What about the cultures in the two? Well, in the city we have things like Mardi Gras and big events that place. In an urban area there’s a lot more people living there so there’s more room for neighborhood watches and community solutions. In a suburban area there may be 20 people within a mile of each other which means less population which then in turn means less community things that take place. As i stated above living in the urban areas in New Orleans we see things like Mardi Gras.

People come from all over to take part in the these parades, some even out of state. In a suburban area there aren’t big events like that because as stated above the population is much smaller, which makes sense. Not only that, but what about community problems? Who do you talk to if there’s a hole sinking in the ground in front of your house? Most people talk to mayors and people of that nature to get the community  fixed. Living in a suburban area, it may be a little harder to get things done because most business decisions get made in the inner cities where they have more people to decide on changes that affects the community. Nevertheless, things still can get done in a suburban area, it just may take a little longer to find someone representing a suburban area.