What Is Critical Thinking

What Is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is the ability to rethink about what you have already thought about.

Critical thinking is also the ability to dissect an argument, determine if it is valid, invalid, vague, or ambiguous. There are many rhetorical devices used in everyday life, advertising, politics, and the media. Rhetorical devices are also known as fallacies.After taking this class, I have been able to recognize quite a few of those allies when watching an advertisement, or the news, or Just listening to people’s conversations. I never was aware of the many rhetorical devices that people will use when they are making an argument. After taking this class, I have learned to evaluate what I see, hear, or speak on a more critical level. Critical thinking helps you to keep from making decisions based on emotions, morals, and values.When I first wrote my espouse to this question in week one, I was not positive as to what critical thinking even meant.

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After taking this class, though, I have learned a lot about myself and how I react to most arguments. I tend to let my morals and emotions fuel the way I handle situations or arguments. After taking this class, though, I have learned to put my emotions in check and to look beyond what I feel and think critically about an argument that may be presented to me.

Critical thinking has also forced me to not spoon so quickly to a situation, but to actually think about the situation at hand, digest the facts presented, and respond accordingly. I have learned the difference between critical thinking, emotional thinking, and moral and ethical reasoning by taking this class, as well. I have always known on some level what each one meant, but I never really gave the differences between them all any real thought. I found this class to be very Informative and educational and I enjoyed this class very much!