What Literature can help the society attain better

What is Literature?

            Society ponders
at the question, “what is Literature and what do they gain from studying it.” In
the past, Literature was just a form of entertainment and communication, but as
years pass on Literature has become more of an education. Society as well
learned the importance of Literature, as it helps people gain skills and
knowledge of communication, analytical thinking, and teaching them essential

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The study of
Literature can help the society attain better communication skills. Like in the
Emma Watson speech called Gender Equality is your issue too, she uses
literature to openly to express her opinion to the audience. She says, “I have
realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with
man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that has to stop.”
Watson says this in a demanding tone, showing that she is serious about this
topic. Using the rhetorical appeals of pathos, she was able to connect better
with connect with the audience better and emphasizes the message she is trying
to make. Showing how Literature helps to improve communication, allowing people
to enhance and refine their oral expressions and develop clear writing. It
promotes people to openly express their thoughts and feelings, creating their
own interest and beliefs. With literature, people are able also to connect with
others that demonstrate similar interests even with differences in their
culture and beliefs. Like in The Odyssey, people who read the book
understand the Greek society and their beliefs, how the gods had control of
every aspect of life and had many human characteristics and flaws. People
discover themselves by reflecting themselves to these gods or characters, by
seeing their own experiences happened that was written centuries before they
were born.

The study of Literature can
help the people acquire analytical skills. Literature helps people analyze a
problem given the available information.  In Remarks of President
Barack Obama, this was used to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but
through Literature people can understand the deeper purpose was to unite
Americans after a tense presidential election. It is about looking deeper and
in greater detail to find the meaning or message presented throughout and
ability to make judgments based on the information. It requires of the skills
to analyze the lines and make assumptions using the evidence presented. People
find symbols, make connections, find themes, and learn about the characters. In
the Odyssey, the readers had to analyze zzeach reading to find the deeper
meaning, and not just what was written on the page. These skills expand when
they to look between the line and find the purpose. Literature teaches us to analyze a character,
allows us to reach inside his or her mind so we see what drives a character,
what shapes his or her beliefs and how one relates to others.