What Malnutrition be an issue in Ethiopia and

  What is Malnutrition?      Hello, before I get started on my Malnutrition assignment I would like to go over with you what Malnutrition is.

Malnutrition is the loss of desired nutrition caused by not having the right amount to eat, or not being able to use the things you eat. The Definicion may seem simple to you but the effects can be very complex. Sadly Ethiopia is one of the multiple countries suffering from this terrible disease.Big questionWhy would Malnutrition be an issue in Ethiopia and what impact does it have on the social, economic, political and environmental systems today and in the future?EconomicThe exchange rate in Ethiopia is very low and has been getting lower over the years.

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One Ethiopian birr is equal to only $0.045 canadian. Government Spending was an obvious issue in Ethiopia, but the  Ethiopian government is now putting a bit more time and money in to Malnutrition.

He thinks that the lack of jobs are a issue because people can’t meet the main necessities to live like food and shelter. The way he’s doing this is by putting a decent amount of money into pro-poor investments. SocialToday somewhere around 30% of Ethiopians are living in poverty on only $2 US dollars a day and that $2 dollars usually has go to food before shelter and sometimes has to feed large families. The average yearly income rate for a Ethiopian is $660PoliticalPolitics can be to blame for some starvation and poverty. For example in 1973 the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie spent 33 million dollars on his 80th birthday whal the poor were dying from Malnourishment.

Today There is still no policy on Malnutrition in Ethiopia but is a work in progress.                               Environmental Growing food can be a big struggle for Ethiopians, commonly due to climate change. In Ethiopia over 1.5 billion tons of fertilized soil is destroyed by large amounts of rainfall and flooding. This will continue in the future followed by small changes in the temperature which can increase the chances of extreme weather conditions. ReduceTo reduce Malnutrition is donate money towards Malnutrition in Ethiopia, you can donate as little as $10 dollars a month to UNICEF ad feed a child suffering from Malnourishment. You could also do some volunteer work or even a small fundraiser to raise money and awareness.

                                      AlleviateTo alleviate Malnourishment in Ethiopia we could educate women on how to properly breastfeed their babies because most ethiopians suffering from Malnutrition are women and children under 5.Solve Really all we can do to try to solve Malnutrition are most of the things listed in reduce and alleviate like educate woman to breastfeed and donate money. Other than that there is not much we can do especially knowing that there are so many other problems waiting to be solved in Ethiopia. Ways Malnutrition could be solved are BibliographyEthiopia Overview – World Bank Group WHO | What is malnutrition?  Malnutrition in Ethiopia – The Borgen Project5 ways to end malnutrition – Global Alliance for Improved NutritionThe Cause of Ethiopia’s Recurrent Famine Is Not Drought, It Is …African leaders commit to fight the scourge of malnutrition