“What matter of attention?” Calvin spoke up hoping

“What Shall I do Grandmaster?” Kneeling before the Court rested Talon. He was the Parliament of the many Owls before him, he dawn the armor of the Owls. His body was enforced with hardened Kevlar everything seemed to be concealed escape for his face. His name was Rose. Calvin Rose, the Talon to defeat all others the saving grace of the Owls. He single handedly killed all sixteen remaining Talons. With no more Talons to defend on Calvin’s life has been sworn to the Legion.

He’s served for so long that his life as the Talon became detailing the life of Calvin Rose. A former escape artist for Haley’s Circus, now an escaped assassin for the Court of Owls.”Talon.. Do you ever wonder why the most Dangerous men in the world throw themselves against a Brick wall in this city again and again?”Talon head raised at the question given to him many of the Owls looked below to seek the answer as well. The Grandmaster who dawn the Owl masked walked towards the end of the Arena his hands crossed together behind his back. His posture was very firm and strict, he eyed a dark tunnel. Talon who was confused on the question at hand it caused young Rose Golden hues to follow his Grandmaster for every step he had taken.

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“Excuse me Grandmaster?”The Grandmaster chuckled at the sight of confusion ofcourse.. Talon was merely a weapon he wasn’t found to thinking above the rim. He nearly was at the neat, when it came down to the plan he had crafted. “There are thousands of cities were people like Clayface. Joker, The League could live in, and murder relatively unopposed. And yet, it has to be this city. Our city.

” “Is it all just a matter of attention?” Calvin spoke up hoping to answer the question at hand. The moment he did speak the Grandmaster quickly shifted around “No! It’s a matter of them wanting our city. They wish to rule what is already own so tonight my Talon you will fight for all of us. The entire Legion the entire Owls you will stand for us and show them in order for them to To eradicate us fully.

They’d need to rip apart the foundation of the city. They would need to tear Gotham to the ground! NOW GO CLAIM YOUR WEAPON” A hush of silence now swept over the arena the Grandmaster now picking up the Talon mask now handing it over to Rose he placed it on. He now stood as he said these simply words.

“It shall be done Grandmaster..”~Meanwhile “I’m glad you guys could make it, it seems your the best GCPD has to offer me tonight.” Gordon would’ve lead his team into he museum, Leading them towards the open space within the back of the place held weapons and blueprints of the entire layout of the Museum. He would’ve awaited for the two agents to shut the door behind them before he got a chance to look every one of his cadets within the eyes, his father always told him he could know someone just by eyeing them down. He needed to believe he could count on each and everyone who stood in front of him.

“I guess your probably wondering what is this about well I’ll tell yah, It seems Star labs had came with an discovery last year. They’ve found this ancient blade within the Arabian deserts with markings that can be translated back to the BC era. Not much was given to us but the scientist in charge is here Kendrick Knight.

” A picture of the male would appear of the hologram “See what else he knows maybe there’s more to the story than the press is giving us. But these gold plates around this blade could be worth trillions, which is were we come in. That blade can not leave this museum Gotham is counting on you.” Just before he could even finish his last sentence one of the agents posted outside would’ve gave word that Wayne’s speech was about to start. “Show time.

. lets get this night over with.