What to Do with Missed Opportunities

Have you ever put everything you have into something that you love, suffered through daily 6am workouts, went through countless two days, literally put blood, sweat, and tears into becoming the best you could be to have it taken away from you in an instant? The first experience I ever had of this was high school football my junior year. I was on top of the world as I was going into the season as a starter for one of the top programs in the state with people hyping me up with each passing day and just as soon as I had it, it was gone. Although this seemed like a tragedy to me in the initial moment I look back at it now as an event that defined my future. Coming into Grandview High School was a scary thought all on its own, but add the fact that I was trying to play football for a school that was known as one of the best, making it even more intense. What people forget to tell you is that the coaches, as happy as they are for a new group of talent, believe the best way to control you is by fear and manipulation. Without you planning it these men become like fathers to you, and just like you would your father, you desire to please them.

There is no feeling like getting praise from these men that you work every single day for, but the criticism also hits you harder than it would from anyone else. This criticism cuts into you like a knife, it begins to consume your every thought and gives you a burning desire to get back on the field and prove them wrong. It teaches you how to dig deep and find a drive that you may have never known you had. My sophomore year I was in position to be one of the first sophomores to ever start on the Defensive line at my school, but a slight injury at a time,when I really needed to be playing, set me back. As funny as it sounds I had pulled my butt muscle and it was impossible to play on it.

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I was put back down onto junior varsity to get back on my feet, but in what felt like a matter of days I had gone from t…