When different target audiences you can see how

looking at how DreamWorks portray their characters they always make sure to
make it clear on how people are inherently good or evil. In some cases they
show their audience how people can have both good and evil inside them to which
it just depends on which side they choose to act upon. For example in MegaMind,
the movie begins with a montage of all the times the good guy defeats the bad
guy until the one day the bad guy wins and throughout the movie we begin to see
how the bad guy starts to change his ways into becoming good. This shows us
clearly that even though DreamWorks ensure the clear cut characters depicting
Good and Evil that there are always ways a person can change for better, this
being because “Love” changed him. In MegaMind when the good guy wins
it shows a bright, colourful and happy atmosphere and theme whereas when the
bad guy won they made sure to change the atmosphere drastically to become more
dark, dreary and depressing. This Showing their audience that good is better
than evil.


DreamWorks Studio Ghibli would portray their characters As Good and Evil
through their species, age or gender. An example of this is how in Spirited Away a
young girl and her parents stumble upon what they think is an abandoned
amusement park, which unfortunately for them turns out to be a resort for
supernatural beings, resulting in her parents being turned into giant pigs.
Which then leads the movie showing the young girl to be good trying to save her
parents by working in said amusement park. In a lot of Studio Ghibli movies
they use the idea of Supernatural beings being depicted as evil and humans
being good, with movies such as Spirited away and Princess Mononoke. With the
general style of Studio Ghibli being dark depending on the movie genre, it
shows how evil will conquer unless good prevails, allowing you to witness the
gradual contrast between the colours associated with good and evil. As these
two companies are very different and have different target audiences you can
see how not only do the different cultures associated with the companies change
their perception of good and evil but their style of animation also interprets
this, as DreamWorks use a style that is easily attractive to younger eyes,
whereas Ghibli use a more sophisticated art style that can target an older
audience also, allowing many interpretations of their perception of good and

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