When I Was a Victim

When will you have had enough? When will you start defending yourself and stick up for yourself when the person you love is beating you down physically, emotionally, and mentally. I thought that he loved me, but a man can’t love you when he is beating you down every day. My boyfriend repeatedly assaulted me during our relationship. I was young and I couldn’t comprehend if what he was doing is okay.

I just thought he loved me so much that is why he did all those things but I was wrong. I am a victim of domestic violence. While I tell you guys my story I won’t tell you his real name I will just call him Roy. During the first year of our relationship everything was going great. At that time in my life I was seventeen and Roy was nineteen. I was a senior in high school and I thought it was so cool that I was dating a guy older than me because could just come pick me up from school whenever I wanted and go on dates because he had a job, but it didn’t end up getting my “fairy tale” that every girl talks about. I had my suspicious about him because one of my friends Jessica had dated him before.

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Jessica had told me that he was very mean to her and it would always have to be his way. From how I was raised you can’t just judge people on how other people talk about them so I ended up dating him anyways. After a few months, it was going great until I saw that he was messaging other girls. I remember thinking to myself “am I not good enough for him?”He told me he would never do it again and changed all his passwords so I could never go on them again.

Now when people think domestic violence they only think physical abuse but isn’t at all. While we were together he told me that we should use condoms because he wanted to have baby with me now I was still in high school and shouldn’t even be thinking about that kind of stuff I should be thinking about college. He refused to wear them every time we had sex; I got birth control b…