When I’m Eighty Years Old

When I am 80 I imagine a lot of things will be different. Due to family history I may develop diabetes or cancer. Although there are things I can start to do now to prevent developing diabetes there isn’t really a way for me to prevent cancer. I will probably have a harder time with my hearing and vision, which thinking about now is scary but I think it will be a slow decline and I will become accustomed to it. I think it will definitely be more difficult for me to communicate if I have a hard time hearing.I think family will still be a very important part of my life even when I am 80. I hope to still have a somewhat active lifestyle and social life however I know that at that age it can be very difficult.

I would like to still be able to go out for walks and go shopping or out to dinner. I like to think that I will still be living at home with my spouse or other family members but there is a chance I could also be in a nursing home. When I am 80 I think I will be comfortable with my finances and not have any outstanding debts. I plan to save throughout my career for retirement and will not rely on Social Security due to the uncertainty of people my age even getting it. I will be a saver from the point of graduation until retirement but then if my finances are in order I would like to become a spender.

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I don’t plan on spending large amounts of money but maybe traveling more and doing more things that I wasn’t able to do while working. I think I will have the same personality in 60 years as I do now. At least I hope I will. I know a lot of people become bitter with age, while other people become more relaxed. If anything I hope I become more relaxed, but I also understand experiencing the loss of loved ones throughout a lifetime can affect people in different ways.

I think with my career in pharmacy my mind will stay sharp due to the continuing education requirements and the constant thinking everyday. Religion will be impor…