When person who does not allow tensions or

Whenwe see an iceberg, the portion that we see on top is just the superficial layerand a small piece of much larger whole.

Similarly is the culture as developedby Edward.T.Hall in 1976, which helps an individual to introspect culture, thereasons for his observable behavioural traits which are strongly influenced bymuch deeper forces such as values, beliefs and interpretations. The followingassignment is an introspection of who I believe I am, my interpretations, assumptions,attitude and values.Iam a cool- minded and cheerful person and believe that I am easy to get alongwith. I am generally a positive person to be around and I do not judge peopleinstantly just because of their decisions or beliefs, but would wait and try tounderstand their circumstances if possible.

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I respect people the same way thatI would like to be treated with. I like to mind my own business and don’t liketo interfere in the lives of others and except the same from others. Peopleoften confuse my cool nature with someone who is very shy and silent but only afew who are close to me, know that I can turn evil when people cross my boundariesor try to take advantage of me or somebody close to me.

Though I don’t likepeople bother me, I am also somebody who is always ready to help other if needbe. This is something I have learnt and got it imbedded in me due to my parentsas they have taught me that god has blessed some people with certain things sothat they would be able to help others in need. Iam a disciplined person and like things to be arranged in a particular order. Itry to complete my tasks on schedule which gives me satisfaction on workotherwise it makes me restless and annoyed if tasks get delayed. I am the kindof person who does not allow tensions or agitations take over me at stressful timesbut believe that find a solution to the problem is much simpler and effectiverather than getting tensed and effecting others work. My friends say that Ilook very chilled out and that it pacifies them as well. Beingan only child has helped me to build my personality and character to be anindependent person in life. I want to be financially and emotionally independentand strong.

My grandmother used to tell that a woman is as capable and strongas men and that we have to learn to live and think both individually and forthe welfare of the family.  I believethat it is good to be ambitious as it has the power to force us in a forward direction.I have always been a good listener and I like to learn things.

I am not afraidto accept that there are a lot of things that I don’t know and not familiarwith but it gives me the drive there a lot of things to be learnt in life andthat nobody is ever perfect. I give value to people’s free choice in leadingtheir own life without effecting others and I think it is one of the strongestbasis for my personality and helps me in being able to perceive other’sattitudes.Ibelieve my values are primarily based on my religion and my upbringing. Myreligion has taught me to be compassionate to the society and help others asmuch as possible. I believe compassion is visible from ones actions andbehaviour. I believe this has helped me in becoming more understanding towardspeople like I would not judge people right away and I have learnt that eachperson is different in their own way. My tolerance to cultural diversity is propelledby my compassion, so it helps me to be more tolerant and identify differentcultures and individuals.

Also my parents have a major influence on my habits likeI’ve learnt from them that books open a portal to a parallel universe and makesdreams possible. “Books help you understand and, they help you feel understood”,as quoted by John green, is one that aptly defines why I read a lot of books. Bookshave made me culturally intelligent where I have learnt about more cultures,symbols and customs because of the stories and the authors.