When to those who have a kind heart

When Shia was on his way to the Taal volcano to get the 2 fangs of the Dragon, he saw Lil Yachty and he followed him. Lil Yachty was looking for something. Shia was curious and continued to follow him. They went inside a cave. The cave is very narrow and it is very hard to go inside. Lil Yachty transformed into a liquid form so that he can slide through the cave easily. Shia went outside and wait because he can’t get inside without destroying the cave. While Shia was waiting outside, a centaur returned infront of the entrance of the cave.?”Who are you and what are you doing here?” The Centaur asked Shia. “My name is Shia. I am waiting for someone who entered the cave.” Shia answered. The Centaur become aggresive and started to attack Shia. “Why are you attacking me?” Shia asked while he is defending himself. “Are you with the one who trespassed the Sacred Cave?” The Centaur asked. “No, he is my enemy. He is the reason why my father’s life is in danger.” Shia said. The centaur stopped and apologizes to Shia. “I am a Centaur and I am a guard of the the Sacred Cave. The reason why I attacked you because the Sacred Cave contains a treasure, the red ruby. This treasure will only be given to those who have a kind heart and is worthy to possess it.” The Centaur said.  Shia remembered that he needs the red ruby. The red ruby is one of the ingredients for the antidote. “How can I obtain the red ruby? I need it.” Shia asked. “Why do you need the red ruby? You must prove me that you are worthy to possess it by defeating me in a duel or slaying me.” The Centaur said The two started the duel. The rules are they must use a sword and to declare the winner, the opponent must be slain or admit that he is defeated. The fight was intense and they are equally matched. When Shia had an opportunity to slay the Centaur by cutting his head off using his sword, Shia used the handle instead and stopped the fight. The Centaur admits that he is defeated. “Young man, you had an opportunity to slay me but instead you spared my life. You truly have a kind heart and is worthy to possess the red ruby.” The Centaur said The Centaur was opening the cave and suddenly, his head was cut by Lil Yachty. He also has the red ruby with him and he quickly escaped by flying. Shia tried to help the Centaur but can’t do anything. The cave began to collapse and Shia tried to follow where Lil Yachty is going. He stopped following Lil Yachty and decides to find the kaws. Kaws is a rare mushroom near the Taal volcano. When he arrived in Taal Volcano, the Dragon is sleeping. He sneaks in to find the rare kaws mushroom. When he finally found it, the ground began to shake. The dragon woke up and saw Shia. The dragon became angry and attacked Shia. Shia fought back but the dragon is too strong but he needs to slay the dragon in order to save his father’s life. Shia’s wounds are severe and he is on the verge of death. The dragon started charging into Shia because he is too weak to fight and he is one hit away to die. The emblem inside Shia’s pocket began to glow. Shia’s power is being awaken and all his wounds are healed immediately. His power became stronger and he is no longer exhausted. Shia managed to dodge the the Dragon’s attack. When the dragon attacked Shia with fire, Shia countered it with water and uses electricity to paralyze the dragon. Shia charged the dragon for his final blow. He punched the dragon and he has slain it. Shia removed the dragon’s fangs and put it in his bag. When he was getting ready to go home, Lil Yachty appeared. “Well done young man. Now I can face a worthy opponent to kill.” Lil Yachty said to Shia. “You’re too cocky! What if I kill you? How dare you hurt my father.” Shia furiously said. “Oh my would you look at that. Well your father is worthless and he is weak that is why he can’t defeat me. It’s not my fault that he is weak.” Shia can’t control his emotions so began to charge in and attacked Lil Yachty. All his attacks were evaded by Lil Yachty and while he was attacking him, all Lil Yachty was doing is dodging every single attack while mocking and laughing at him. Shia became exhausted but he is still trying to land a hit on Lil Yachty. When Shia stopped because of exhaustion, Lil Yachty began to attack. Shia can’t evade any of his attacks. He is too tired to move at all. Punches and kicks were thrown but Shia had no answer. Blood spilled off in Shia’s mouth but he doesn’t want to give up. “Give up already! You are just like your father, weaklings!” Lil Yachty mocked him more while attacking him. “I won’t give up. My father needs me and I’ll do everything to make him live even if I have to exhange my life.” Shia said. A miracle happened, the emblem glows again and awakens Shia’s power more. The effects are still the same. Shia was able to stand up and fight. Lil Yachty was shock and didn’t know what happened. When Lil Yachty attacked, Shia evaded everything. Lil Yahcty was so mad that he loses his control and become a monster once again. Lil Yachty punched Shia but Shia stopped the punch with his hand but the hand of Lil Yachty turns into acid and burns Shia’s hand. Lil Yachty used the same trick against him but Shia was able use fire to burn off the acid. The acid is part of Lil Yachty’s body and everytime he loses acid, he becomes weak because the acid is his life span. Lil Yachty was so frustrated that he uses so much acid but everytime he uses acid, Shia uses his fire to burn it off. Lil Yachty is on the verge of his death but Shia didn’t kill him. Shia grabbed the red ruby from Lil Yachty and leaves. After the battle, Shia received a call from his mother.?”Shia, where are you? Your father’s condition become worse.” His mother said while crying. “I’m on my way! I have all the ingredients, it will be alright.” Shia said while shaking. While Shia was on his way to home, he met the elder again that gave him the emblem. And he thanked him for that. “Thank you very much for the emblem. If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t made it out alive.” Shia said. Shia returned the emblem to the elder but the elder refused. “That emblem is yours. I do not own it.” The elder said. “But you gave it to me before?” “That emblem is owned by your father. He asked me to keep it and when the time comes, I will give to you. Now, you must hurry. Your father is in trouble.” The elder said. “Wait how did my father gave it to you?” Shia asked. Before he gets an answer from the elder, the elder vanished. So Shia decided to continue his way to his home and to give the ingredients to the doctor. When arrived at the hospital, the doctor didn’t waste no time and made an antidote. When the antidote was made, they used it on Captain America. The poison was quickly remove out of his body because of that antidote but the poison has dealt too much damage in his body. “I am very sorry but the poison has dealt too much damage and I can’t do anything about it anymore.” The doctor said. Shia and his mother began crying and when Shia gave Captain America the emblem, it started glowing again. Captain America’s body began to regenerate and after 3 minutes, his body is completely healed. When Captain America regain his consciousness he noticed the emblem on top of his hand. “Well done son, you’ve awaken your power and thank you for saving me.” Captain America said. “Dad, can I ask you a question? Who is the elder that gave this to me?” Shia asked. “He is your grandfather.” Captain America said.