Which topics to avoid while writing a college essay

Writing a good college essay is no easy task.

Students often tend to make a lot of common mistakes that leave a bad impression and must be avoided altogether. Students applying to a college have to go through the dreaded phase of writing a college essay. Choosing the right topic for an essay is the trickiest part involved in it. Do not write about your sport hobbies or pets in a college essay. Trust me; it is a big turn off. Which topics should be avoided in a college essay?An essay full of accomplishments: Great college essays do not only focus on what the writer’s achievements are. You might think of yourself as the most amazing person on this earth, but believe it or not, nobody wants to hear how many countries you have visited or how adventurous you are.Writing about sports: A lot of people write about their sports accomplishments and about how many baskets or runs they have made.

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However, a college essay is not all about what your sports endeavors are.Avoid offensive topics: Best college essays avoid inflammatory issues such as religion and politics that might offend someone. Your college essay must not make someone angry.Writing about criminal activities: Thinking about writing an essay on drug trafficking? It is definitely a bad idea. Do not write about how you have been drinking or taking drugs.Don’t talk about the most important person in your life: This topic is way too loaded to be chosen for a college essay. These topics are also painfully boring.

Do not write about divorce or tragedies: These topics are a bad idea for college essays because these topics are often challenging and difficult to write about.Humor: You might be a happy-go-lucky sort of a person, but you do not need to flaunt that off in your college essay. You can use a little bit of humor but don’t make your whole essay funny.Avoid over-sharing: In a bid to be unusually honest, you might over-share. You must avoid this over-sharing. Readers do not need to know everything about your life.

Being arrogant is a turn-off: It is good to highlight your positive points, but try not to be arrogant on the way. This will serve as a great turning off point.Usually students find themselves at a loss when choosing appropriate topics for college essays. Here comes in college essay writing service for your rescue.

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