While arrangement, the workers not only suffer impoverishment

While reading pages 67-81, the section talked about theeconomic and philosophic manuscripts of 1844. In this section, labor is discussed which is under the economic systemof private ownership, society divides itself into two classes.  These two classes are the property owners andthe property less workers.  In thisarrangement, the workers not only suffer impoverishment but also experience anestrangement or alienation from the world. This estrangement occurs because the worker relates to the product ofhis work as an object alien and even hostile to himself.  The worker puts his life into the object andhis labor is invested in the object, yet because the worker does not own thefruits of his labor, which in capitalism are appropriated from him, he becomesmore estranged the more he produces.

 Everything he makes contributes to a world outside of him to which hedoes not belong.  He shrinks incomparison to this world of objects that he helps create but does not possess.By reading about labor, I think abouthow this relates to the events that are happening in today’s world.

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People whoare immigrants, for example, are working for others in order to survive.  This is a form of labor as these people aredoing other’s hard work. Immigrants find jobs such as landscape.  The immigrants work for a company that paysthem under the table money which does not get recorded for taxes as many ofthese people who are in the business may be illegal.   Immigrants are hardworking people whodeserve a chance to a good life but since becoming a citizen is difficult inthe United States, labor is how they make money to survive and provide fortheir families.  There is also anotheroccupation that is considered labor which is being a maid. Many women cleanhouses to make money.  Some of thesewomen are immigrants and they just like the landscapers use their money toprovide for themselves and families.

  In1844 labor was an issue that existed and now in 2017, labor is still an issuethat exists.