Whilst John’s decision to follow a religion I

Whilst in practice I came across a patient who shallbe called John for the purpose of maintaining his confidentiality (NMC, 2008).John was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and also had a history ofalcohol and drug misuse. Due to his diagnosis he embraced the Islam religion aspart of his therapy and to better his lifestyle. John with his new found pathbelieves everyone should be equal and everyone should contribute to the worldby picking up litter to make the world a better place. In conversation John wasvery positive most of the time and would find it difficult when a situationarises that would affect himself or others. With his new found culture,diversity and equality was very important to be shared equally to the environmentand all living species. For the future he hopes to spend most of his time inmaking the world a better place by engaging in charity work to help those lessfortunate. John kept his Quran and pictures of his newly found religion on hiswalls, he explained that this was to bring positive energy around him at alltimes.

The Islam religion has a strict diet requirement,and also for personal care. As Mootoo (2005) explains, pork is prohibited andlamb, beef and chicken are permitted as long as they have been slaughteredaccording to the halal ritual which drains the animal of blood. Fish and eggsare allowed in their diet plan as long as they are not cooked where pork of nonhalal meet is cooked (Mootoo, 2005). John’s decision to follow a religion Ifound it beneficial as he described it as he has inner peace and fromobservation he appeared to be disciplined by his new cultural path.

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Fromobservations he would usually greet people by saying ‘Assalamu Alaykum’ whichmeans peace be upon you (Thoughtco.com, 2018). He spends most of his time tryingto do good for others around him and also not in an intrusive way. Deliveringcare to any culture requires an awareness of the ramifications of thatparticular belief.

According to Rassool (2015) nurses need to understand theimplications of spiritual and cultural values for clinical practice. He alsostates that nurses should be aware of the modesty and privacy, the appropriateuse of touch requirements and use of medication (Rassool, 2015). Though John’s decision to be a Muslim was afterbeing admitted into hospital, one might argue whether he understands what ittakes to be part of this culture and/or whether his decision was made fromdelusional thoughts. As stated by the nursing ethics (Beauchamp &Childress, 2013) John has full autonomy to make an informed decision although,to the nursing team it’s a challenge as they might need to adjust on histreatment to ensure that he is not given medication that is made from porkproducts.

Medication such as olanzapine which is used for schizoaffective disordertreatment contain gelatine (Food & Drug Administration, 2008), within theIslam religion gelatine is prohibited due to the swine collagen used in theprocessing (Leininger & McFarland, 2006). Rassool (2015) also supports thisstatement as he defines products made from alcohol, gelatine and pork basedproducts as haram meaning forbidden within the culture. Though this may be thecase he reiterates that if there isn’t any gelatine-free alternatives andmedication is absolutely necessary Islam permits the use of haram products(Rassool, 2015).

Whilst being on the ward John has been happy to work with bothmale and female clinical staff, The social environment that I grew up in has equipped me tobe aware of different cultures such as Jewish, Islam and Hinduism to name afew. Being from a Christianbackground I grew up being taught to welcome people from all walks of life. Asthe bible says in 1 Corinthians 14:26 “what then, brothers? When you cometogether, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or aninterpretation. Let all things be done for building up.

” Therefore, I am encouragedto embrace diversity to build up and promote equality.