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It plans to do this by implementing some very strategic and aggressive goals. The city will gain purport by developing new partnerships through our community projects. One of those partnerships will be a Joint venture with Canon U. S. A.

, Inc. Canon U. S. A. , Inc.

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Is a multinational company with a strong background of community support and a strong dedication to the environment. The idea is that Canon U. S. A. , Inc.

Will get involved in community projects and after building a strong relationship with the city of El Paso, it will setup operations in our city.Issue El Paso faces much criticism for being the 22nd largest city in the United States yet most people outside of our areas have never heard of El Paso. El Paso remains overlooked and multinational companies setup operations in other cities across the United States.

Being a border city has also had its drawbacks. With an increase focus on the violence across in Curare, Chihuahua, businesses tend to pass up our wonderful city. If we want our communities to grow stronger and our economy to thrive, the need to bring in a multinational corporation is much needed. Canon U.

S. A. , Inc. Meets the community needs and business needs for El Paso. Solution 258381555803800ne of the ways that El Paso will be placing itself on the map is through its Sustainability Plan. El Paso City Council feels that becoming “the most livable city in the United States” is a very real possibility.

Its Sustainability Plan has become the model for this livable city goal. El Pass’s goal is the be a model of sustainability and smart growth by building on its roots as an international hub, promoting sustainable enterprises and wisely using natural resources by 2014.