WhtsApp WhatsApp is that one can chat using

WhtsApp is the most globally popular chatting application introduced by Brian Acton and Jan Koun. Two of them are former employees of Yahoo in 2009. It has been used by more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries. WhatsApp has come into the market as an unbeatable competitor any chatting application ever had. When it comes to its features, the list is bit long. The features it provides are limitless and are quite remarkable. The application provides facility of texting, group chatting, voice and video calls, exchange of images, audio, videos, documents, location, contacts etc. Another particularity of WhatsApp is that one can chat using voice recording and it has been proven to be convenient for all its billion users. The new formatting feature of WhatsApp has left a great impression on its users. Some of them areBold : *WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE*Italic : _ WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE_Strike through : ~ WRITE YOUR TEXT HERE~Combination of these format attributes can be used as well.A new feature of WhatsApp that stumped many users was the introduction of GBWhatsApp. An application for those users who want to use both of their contact numbers in a single WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp allows managing of two WhatsApp account on a single device. I remember few months back a friend of mine texted me with one of his number asking me ‘how are you?’ and then with his another number I got a text asking ‘what’s up?’ Well, that bummed me out. Some other interesting peculiarity of WhatsApp is hiding Blue Tick, deleting the sent text, change of themes and other features to maintain one’s privacy. All hectic procedures are said goodbye by the new GB whatsApp. Certain other feature such as hiding the Last Seen, send a broadcast message to 600 people instead of 250 people are new cool features of GB WhatsApp.A step by step compendium listed below shows how to install GBWhatsApp Apk and use two WhatsApp account in one device.Download GBWhatsApp ApkGo to settings of your android based handset, click on Security and enable download from Unknown Source. This allows the device too download application from sources other than Google Playstore.Once the Unknown Source is enabled, go to the GBWhatsApp Apk stored in the device in downloads and install it in the device by clicking on it.It will ask for the permission to install the GBWhatsApp application. Tap on install and let the device complete the installation process.Once the installation is completed it will ask to open the application and a page to Agree and Continue OR restore will appear. Tap on Agree and Continue.On the next step the phone number verification process initiates. It also asks for restoring the backup of chat history where it copies the WhatsApp data.Verify the new phone number via OTP.Voila! Your second WhatsApp account is prepared and now you can use two accounts on the same device.Astha [email protected]