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A search through major search engines for US essay writing service yields thousands if not hundreds of thousands of results. Any rational student cannot just fall for any US essay writing service just because it has an online presence. There are numerous guidelines that customers need to follow before settling on one service provider.

You should count yourself lucky for having come this far. As a US essay service provider, we will not only meet your expectations but we will also surpass them. While some of the service providers know how to disappoint their customers best, we take pleasure in seeing that our customers leave positive feedbacks.Why our US essay writing service? As a new customer to our site, you should feel at home because we only offer customized papers. All that our US essay writing service requires from customers are clear order instructions. We also request our customers to send us additional instructions over and above what professors provide.

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These additional instructions accompanied with one or two written samples allow our writers to tailor custom papers to match customers’ writing styles. In this way, our custom papers appear as if customers wrote them on their own.Secondly, you will be assured of custom papers that are delivered in a timely fashion. As a US essay writing service with a good reputation, we ensure that our writers do not request deadline extensions; but stick to the original deadlines. By delivering papers prior to their deadlines, we allow customers enough time to go through their custom papers and ask for any necessary paper amendments.

In most cases, our customers get satisfied with the orders they receive. However, if it happens that their papers need some corrections, our writers gladly corrects the papers and resends them to customers without any delays.