Wilderness Idea

It is ludicrous to think that no wilderness remains. If no wilderness truly remains then why are there organizations such as American Hiking Society, Greengrocer, and Earth’s 911? The Boy and Girl Scouts of America is perhaps the most well known of these ‘outdoor organizations’ with over seven million registered members. Over 275 million people visit national parks such as Yellowstone Nation Parks and more local ones such as Clove Lakes Park annually, about eleven times the amount of people who visit Six Flags (with every park combined) each year.

The wilderness Is a huge aspect of many people’s lives In America today. Technology does not cause society to become “termite-like”. If anything technology allows us to become closer with the wilderness. For example, In order for people to visit the aforementioned national parks, people must travel by plane, car, or train. Society also uses technology to help endangered wild animals Deere IT It weren’t Tort technology, tense animals would De extinct. The wilderness has the power to destroy and create.

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Tens of thousands of people die each year due to hurricanes, tropical storms, mudslides, and tsunamis. For example, Hurricane Strain in 2005 which killed over 1,000 people. If the environment was as man-controlled as Mr.. Sterner is assuming then this disaster would of been averted and many lives would of been saved. The wilderness awes and controls us every day. Before society can control nature we must first understand everything about nature. And so long as we remain human, we will never understand nature. We will continue to be amazed and overpowered by the wilderness every day.