With fall to the ground causing fractures as


With references to the above photo, of the men climbing the stairs it is classified under the human risk. It fails to follow the safety precaution. This is because when the user stands on one feet of the ladder and the other feet on the rail there is a risk of not being able to proper balance and to remain stable therefore it might result in them falling easily from the ladder hitting their head and cause fractures or even death. Furthermore, if the ladder used is damage as a result of its natural wear and tear it is dangerous which can cause additional injury.


It will be critical for the adults who are ignorant of practising ladder safety when using the ladder this will cause them to suffer injuries from falling down from the ladder. As for elderly who are especially staying alone at home when use the ladder they may easily get injured themselves when they lost their balances and fall to the ground causing fractures as elderly tends to be weaker bones are more brittle and may not have the strength to grip hold of the ladder when ascending or descending. By adhering to the safety precaution measures that have been stated below users such as adults and elderly would be able to prevent the risk of getting serious injuries associated with the improper use of the ladders.

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The preventive measure that could be adopted would be the users should hold the ladder with both hands when ascending or descending. Ensure in wearing slip resistant footwear so that there is enough friction to prevent falling. Users should not stand on the upper most step, so that a firm hand hold can be maintained and should not carry materials and tools by hand when ascending and descending the ladder. To ensure dismounting the ladder is safe, user should ensure that the ladder is secured both top and bottom on the level ground. Always remember to check the ladder before using it. It must be taken away from other users to prevent using it again and the damage ladder must be tagged until repair is done. Alternatively, the damage ladder should be throw away. The ladders must also be free from any slippery material on the steps and must not be in a closed position when attempting to climb up the ladder.